Whitney – Light Upon The Lake LP

Blame it on their recent ascent to the hallowed ranks of Pitchfork’s BNM –or just the fact that Whitney hit all the key Dad Rock notes which vinyl collectors love so much – but the joyous, golden-hued debut from this group seems to already be getting scarce on our favorite analog format. If this isn’t the perfect soundtrack for ringing […]

Tilth – Country Music LP

There is a new Tilth release on the newly christened Minnesota label Round Bale Recordings (from the mind that brings you the FFFoxy Podcast) entitled “Country Music.” This follow up to 2012’s “Angular Music” presents the familiar tape and guitar work you’d expect from previous efforts, but also provides a new depth with the addition […]

Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds In Country Music LP

You aren’t impressing anybody with your dilettante’s deconstruction of the piss-poor state of modern Country & Western music. Why not focus on something positive, man? Why not find an artist who represents everything that ever was and will be great about Country music and tell all your jaded, 30-something, micro-brew drinking buddies all about it? […]

Steve Gunn “Time Off” LP

A new album of enchanting songcraft from Steve Gunn is available to pre-order right now, shipping ten days ahead of its June 18th release date. Apparently this marks his first album with a full band, which of course includes long time collaborator John Truscinski. If you think all the golden singer-songwriter albums can only be […]

Kill County “Dust in Wire” LP

Every year or so, I find an alt-country album that I really fall in love with. This year, it’s “Dust in Wire” by Lincoln/Omaha/Austin/etc’s Kill County. There’s a lot of sorrow and loss at work here, and the creaky-floor production gives everything an authentic feel. I can’t say enough good things about this record, it’s […]

Immune Recordings: Micah Blue Smaldone, Tiago Sousa

Immune Recordings has just birthed two brand new LPs into the world. Micah Blue Smaldone presents The Ring of the Rise, a country-tinged affair conjuring the spirits of the dusty, 70’s longhair rockers while Tiago Sousa drops a straight-up solo piano recording on Samsara. Both albums are pressed to pristine virgin vinyl for a pitch-black […]

Immune Recordings: Evan Caminiti “Night Dust” LP & Micah Blue Smaldone / Big Blood “split” LP

Could the Barn Owl members ever be too prolific? Absolutely not, it’s simply not possible. At times it’s hard to keep up, but it’s always a pleasure catching up with Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras. Speaking of the former, Mr. Caminiti has a new album forthcoming on Immune, and I know you always have extra […]

My Morning Jacket “Circuital” 2xLP

There is a bit of heated  debate amongst the OMGV founding fathers about the last MMJ album… Spencer claims “unheralded classic” while Mitch decries “shit sandwich“. So it goes. Whatever your take on these hip Kentucky hippies may be, you probably already know whether or not you are intent on pre-ordering the newest album – […]

Hans Chew “Tennessee And Other Stories…” LP

Three Lobed Recordings and Divide by Zero Records have teamed up to release “Tennessee And Other Stories…”, the debut solo album from D. Charles Speer & The Helix pianist (plus Jack Rose collaborator), Hans Chew.  This album is a honky-tonk journey through the south, not something I would normally be into, but it has something […]

Steve Von Till “If I Should Fall To The Field” LP

It’s really hard to have to many too many graveyard folk albums, there just isn’t enough material out there to saturate your collection. Svart Records is looking to help you offset that a little bit by issuing Steve Von Till’s If I Should Fall To The Field on LP, a grim and melancholy disc if […]