Sutekh Hexen – Salem LP

Salem is a live, impromptu field-recording by GreySun Records which provides a rare window into the improvisational and un-scripted creative realms of Sutekh Hexen. Finding the collective at their most forthright and primitive to date, Sutekh Hexen conjures something entirely original within their own construct. Upon completion came reflection and context, which yielded a challenging […]

Billy Gomberg – Slight At That Contact LP

One great thing about Gomberg’s work, is his use of the room. Every surface in said room, whether small and wooden, or large and cavernous, they all seem to be alive, pulsing and critical to the sound’s over all success—and Slight At That Contact is certainly that. Two sides of churning synths and crackling, skittering […]

Khanate – Self Titled/Things Viral+ 2xLP

For the uninitiated, Khanate (now defunct) was the experimental O’Malley/Plotkin/Wyskida/Dubin doom quartet that breathed a new light (or swallowed it, depending on how you see things) into the heavy scene back in 2001. For years now, both ‘Things Viral’ (their best, in our humble opinion) and ‘Khanate’ have been out of press, but Hydra Head […]

Tape Tuesday: Benoit Pioulard – Stanza I & II

In keeping with the ‘cooling off’ theme from last week, lets talk about Benoit Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch) and his ‘Stanza I & II’ tape out on BARO/Beacon Sound. The tape, as the title suggests, combines both Stanza releases onto one release. 12 tracks of crunchy, crinkly tape drones of the highest order in a […]

Baldruin – Portal LP

With the longest song clocking it at barely over 4 minutes, Portal presents a concise album of drone-inspired electronic pieces from Baldruin. Considering that the limited edition LP is being offered in a scant edition of 260 pieces, well, we wouldn’t necessarily sit around on this one if you are digging on it: Portal by […]

Tim Hecker – Norberg/Apondalifa LP

Room40 pulls together a pair of Tim Hecker productions from their back catalog and puts them back to back on a single LP. We don’t need to convince you why you should buy some new Tim Hecker vinyl, and we refuse to listen to you trying to explain to us why you shouldn’t. Get real:

Natural Snow Buildings – Terror Horns LP

What’s not to love about the new Natural Snow Buildings record? The duo’s penchant for dark and beautiful songcraft? The celestial drones stripped of their feathers and dragged through the dirt? The Texas Chainsaw cover art aesthetic? These guys have enough kvlt to go around and then some. Terror Horns is currently on pre-order for the […]

FIS – The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now LP

When you’re done spooning with your new Prurient 3xLP, but still aren’t ready to expose your frail countenance to the ravages of the summer heat and humidity, why not stay inside a little longer and subject your psyche to the dense sounds of The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now? Crank the AC, turn that volume […]

Tape Tuesday: Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Robert Lippok — Timeline

Geographic North, in their non stop efforts to release some of the finest experimental music that exists, have dropped “Timeline” on us in our hour of need. The Osborne-Lanthier/Lippok duo’s work is a minimal affair of misty textures hovering around electric charges that dance on air to the beat of a broken drum. It pulses […]

Föllakzoid – III LP

This has been out a couple of months but we totally slept on it, so hopefully if you were after one of Sacred Bones’ lovely special edition LPs then you were on the ball when we weren’t. This album has Föllakzoid wringing out a stunning survey of electronic and drone structures from a minimal palette, with assistance from none […]