Davy Kehoe – Short Passing Game 12″ EP

Wah Wah Wino proves itself an imprint to keep your eyeballs on with this newest 6 track, 40 minute “EP” from Davy Kehoe. We start completely off the rails with the title track and it never really gets any less… weird. Electronic music needs more of this particular brand of madness. Short Passing Game is currently flying […]

Federico Durand – La Niña Junco LP

Argentinian composer Federico Durand has a new LP on the always quality 12k label (which we are stoked is doing more vinyl.) La Niña Junco is made up of two sides of minimal floating tones performed on a dusty old Crumar Performer synthesizer and filtered through a handful of effects. Durand’s music is always very […]

Tape Tuesday: Daniel Araya – Seven Sister EP

Dungeon acid on cassette, limited to 50 pieces. No artificial sheen or ambient interludes to offer you or your headphones any respite, just a straight trip through a crumbling vortex. Pick it up from classicworks.bandcamp.com. Daniel Araya – Seven Sister Ep (CWS014) by Daniel Araya

Various Artists – A Decade Ilian Tape 3xLP

Fans of breakbeat driven techno will want to throw this one in their bag immediately. For a full decade now, the Zenker Brothers have been releasing nothing but quality tunes on their Ilian Tape imprint, and to celebrate they are dropping a gorgeous 3xLP compilation appropriately titled A Decade Ilian Tape. You should be able to […]

Visible Cloaks – Reassemblage LP + CS

We’ve been holding on to this bookmark for awhile, but it looks like the Pitchfork BNM hype machine is forcing our hand. You’ll want to get in and snatch the edition of Reassemblage that comes with the mixtape, won’t you? Of course you will, youngling. Beautiful electronic sounds and weirdo sound design from this duo; fresh out […]

Tape Tuesday: mmph – Dear God

Dear God, indeed. Electronic sounds gathered and then organized into a balm designed for troubled minds. May cause anxiety and/or bliss depending on pre-existing conditions. Virtually harmless when taken as prescribed. Let this one wash right over you: beerontherug.com. Dear God by mmph

Ulwhednar – Modern Silver LP

No, we hadn’t heard of Ulwhednar either but the names Varg, Abdulla Rashim and Northern Electronics are enough to instill FOMO in the staunchest of electronic music followers. White vinyl, limited to 150 apparently, can be picked up at northernelectronics.bandcamp.com. If you miss out on that, get a pre-order in over at redeyerecords.co.uk.

Scuba Death – The Worm At The Core LP

There is a new burner from Scuba Death (aka Richard Donoso) and like his previous work, its one for the books. 2 sides of the dubby beats, drones and the underwater creepies. Available now from Further Records (who are matching ACLU donations – 100% digi/50% physical) on black and blue vinyl The Worm at the […]

Agnes – 012016002001 LP

From the ashes of Aught, everyone’s favorite esoteric electronic tape label, comes the no nonsense Chained Library, everyone’s soon to be favorite esoteric electronic vinyl label. As usual, we know nothing about this record, but if the quality of the Aught releases is any indication of what to expect, be prepared to fork over your […]

Andrea Belfi – Alveare LP

IIKKI Books is a relatively new project from the brains behind Eilean Records that focuses on the combination of sounds & visuals — in this case, vinyl records and super slick photo books. The latest is an electro-acoustic offering from Andrea Belfi, which features drums, percussion and synthesizers that makes great use of a stereo […]