Ande Somby w/ Chris Watson – Yoiking With The Winged Ones LP

Ande Somby, is a yoiker (someone who yoiks.) A yoik, according to indigenous Finno-Ugric oral traditional, is one of the longest living musical traditions in Europe. Somby’s yoiks, or songs, are collected here amidst the birds and mountain passages of the Arctic with the help of field recorder extraordinaire Chris Watson. The movements on the […]

Popol Vuh – Nosferatu The Vampyre 2xLP

For those of you who don’t wake and sleep according to the release schedule of colored vinyl soundtrack reissues, you may have missed this one: Waxwork Records have conjured up an official version of Popol Vuh’s masterful scoring of Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu The Vampyre. We managed to score a copy at Mondocon, and can attest to the quality […]

Tape Tuesday: Jackie McDowell – Language Of The Birds

Jackie McDowell (aka Inez Lightfoot) has a new tape that is ripe for the picking. Dusty harmoniums, autoharps, drones, voice and, of course, birds make ‘Language Of The Birds’ a folk recording in the truest sense of the word… but one with an esoteric twinge to it that un-grounds it in a most enjoyable way. […]

Richard Youngs – Red Alphabet In The Snow LP

The multi-instrumentalist Richard Youngs has a new record on Poland’s Preserved Sound label. Bright and glowing, ‘Red Alphabet In The Snow’ is a shower of shimmering strings of all varieties and 60’s era Cat Stevens-ish vocal acrobatics. The LP is 180g and is an edition of 250 copies. As a bonus, the first 100 copies […]

Chelsea Wolfe – The Grime and The Glow LP

Finally, those of us who showed up to the Chelsea Wolfe party one album late can catch up – The Grime and The Glow has been repressed and can be purchased over at Limited to 1000 on colored (well, actually it’s “grey/black smoke” so not really colored) vinyl. Mascara not included. The Grime And The […]

Chelsea Wolfe “Ἀποκάλυψις” LP

Updated 06/26/2014: repressed – A suggestion, if I may be so bold: go pick up this album right now. I was a little late to Chelsea Wolfe’s doom inspired folk, and by the time I went searching for a vinyl version, it was already long gone. Well that situation has been rectified, and there […]

King Dude – Fear LP

King Dude’s new album is coming out on his very own Not Just Religious Music label. Devotional hymns to hum while bathing in the light of Lucifer. 1000 pressed – get down with the Dude: NJRM-003 King Dude "Fear" by King Dude

The Haxan Cloak “s/t” 2xLP

Updated 02/04/2014: Recently added in stock at! A vinyl edition of the self-titled debut album from The Haxan Cloak has been called forth to the vinyl realms, thanks to our friends at Aurora Borealis. This album comes across as more organic than the recent (and excellent) Excavation, though no less of a sense of […]

Chicaloyoh – Folie Sacrée LP

Updated 09/27/2013: Now available at Out this week on Shelter Press is the debut full-length LP from Chicaloyoh, pressed onto 500 copies of 180-gram vinyl. The music is ethereal and spellbinding; this is one that you will want in your collection for late nights and Sunday mornings. It would be criminal if this didn’t […]

Bong and Mike Gangloff LPs on Blackest Rainbow

Two new pre-orders have been announced from Blackest Rainbow, including a much needed new LP from Bong. Also up for sale is a vinyl reissue of Poplar Hollow from Mike Gangloff, erstwhile member of the Black Twig Pickers and Pelt. Limited colored vinyl is available, if you act soon: