Thee Oh Sees – Live In San Francisco LP + DVD

I’m sold on the cover photograph alone, but if you need more convincing: it is worth mentioning that Thee Oh Sees are objectively proven to be the greatest live band of all time. Or so I’ve heard; I’ll have to rely on documentation like this in order to confirm:

Tape Tuesday: Field Hymns

The fact of the matter is: Field Hymns already has, hands down, the best RIYL descriptions one could ask for. Never the less, we’ll bite. This newest batch includes work from Sad Horse (limited to 100 copies), Portopia ’81 and Conrade Wedde (limited to 75 copies each) and it pretty much covers everything you need […]

Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita LP

There is a new Deerhoof record. If you like birthday parties and distortion and cake and blown out drums and bunnies and stickers and breakfast, then ‘La Isla Bonita’ is most likely the thing for you. Available for pre-order on Yellow (Early Bird Edition, limited to 500) and Gray vinyl (as well as cassette if […]

Deerhunter “Monomania” LP

What else happened this weekend? Well, Deerhunter announced a new album, that’s what. And just like every other lazy ass “online music journalist” out there I am simply going to copy and paste the band’s own writeup: Mystery disc of NOCTURNAL GARAGE. rat tapes / NEW FORMAT is avant garde(?) but only in context not […]

Black Lips “Arabia Mountain” LP + 7″ Preorder

I’ve got no shame in saying Black Lips are one of my favorite bands in the world. I play the shit out of their records when they come out, seriously. Their newest, “Arabia Mountain”, finds them at their cleanest and catchiest, following the same trajectory that “Good Bad Not Evil” started (I personally feel “200 […]

Thee Oh Sees “Castlemania” 2xLP

I’ll never get over how unbelievably prolific Thee Oh Sees are. It seems they put out a new full-length album every six months, while never compromising quality. Their newest is sometimes a bit brighter and poppier than normal, but it still sinks to the dirges of raw psychedelic garage rock as well. It’s a beautiful […]

Two Huge New Records from Smith Westerns and Tennis

Fat Possum just released two new records that could end up being among the indie hits of the year (especially the first one).  Smith Western’s “Dye It Blonde” is definitely the one receiving the most amount of recognition, and deservedly so.  Previously mega-lo-fi, these guys have dramatically cleaned up their sound, giving listeners a closer […]

Sic Alps “Napa Asylum” 2xLP Preorder

This large, loud, jangly slab of psychedelic garage rock is definitely Sic Alps’ most accomplished release yet.  Their first album since 2008, “Napa Asylum” still has the same downright nasty production as their previous work, but the songs seem more fleshed-out, more fully-realized.  Give the tune below a listen, it’s a very, very good album.  […]

Social Music Record + Tape Club Subscription Series

These record clubs are pretty great – just pay upfront, then relax and get sent records for the next coupla months. And when the roster looks as good as this one does, it’s hard to pass up. We’re looking at exclusive vinyl releases from Sir Richard Bishop, The Bats, Califone, Cloudcraft, Noah Found Grace, Evan […]

Fergus & Geronimo “Unlearn” LP

Hardly Art (the always-stellar subsidiary of Sub Pop) just posted a preorder for “Unlearn”, the debut LP from Denton, TX’s Fergus & Geronimo.  They play a kinetic brand of rock and roll that is powered by the fusion of psychedelic garage, doo-wop, soul, and about every other cool retro genre you can think of.  In […]