Tape Tuesday: Erik Maluchnik – Inflorescences

Hey, Tape Tuesday! Remember that? Took a little bit of a break on it, but we’re back in the saddle to talk about this new tape out by Erik Maluchnik, ‘Inflorescences’, on Northern Ashram out of Detroit in an edition of 100 copies. It’s starting to get frosty in some parts of the world, and […]

King Midas Sound / Fennesz – Edition 1 LP

King Midas Sound, the narcotic infused side-project of The Bug’s Kevin Martin, has announced a forthcoming series of collaborations that will total four in all. The first collaboration, titled, ahem, Edition 1, is a pairing with none other than Fennesz, Austrian guitar and electronics wizard. Two titans of sound conspiring to release an LP’s worth of music? […]

Mike Cooper – Fratello Mare LP

Something about a lap steel guitar and dubby, tropical beats just always puts a smile on your face, don’t it? So get out the lawn chairs, make one of those drinks with the tiny umbrella in it, and pull up a front row seat to watch the world burn. Mike Cooper’s latest available on vinyl […]

Tashi Dorji – Appa LP

Released by Bathetic, “Appa” is the newest LP of solo guitar improvisations by Tashi Dorji. Some of the movements venture into American Primitive mode, while others veer close to free jazz territory. In either case…Dorji’s sometimes delicate, sometimes angular playing is masterful in the way it feels like its falling down the stairs, but with […]

Loren Conners “Airs” LP

It’s been a little while since we’ve caught up with The Recital Program (artist Sean McCann’s musical imprint), and we’ve missed a few crucial catalog numbers for sure. The label is kicking off 2015 in fine style, however, with this vinyl pressing of Loren Conners Airs due for delivery in mid-January (so any day now). […]

Christopher Willits – Opening LP

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Electronic composer/guitarist Christopher Willits basically sweats positivity and empowerment. Every time you turn around, there he is making something awesome or teaching people new skills or providing someone with a new vision. His music reflects this energy, and never more succinctly than with ‘Opening’, his […]

Desert Heat “Cat Mask at Huggie Temple” 12″ Giveaway

The Gunn-Truscinski Duo add another guitarist to their line-up and what could possibly go wrong? Well, absolutely nothing, especially if that other guitarist is Cian Nugent. The addition pushes the sound even further down the dusty desert road, where the sands shift according to geometric vibrations and the peyote cacti bloom in time-lapsed synchronicity with […]

Jenks Miller (Horseback) “Spirit Signal” Test Pressing Giveaway from Northern Spy

Oh, we already wrote this one up, right? Well, hopefully you guys pre-ordered it then. As the release date looms ever closer (September 3rd, mark your calendars), Adam from Northern Spy has graciously offered to pitch one of our lovely readers a complimentary test pressing of this new album from Jenks Miller, performed under his […]

Robbie Basho “Visions of the Country” LP Reissue

Robbie Basho is a bit of an unsung hero in the guitar soli world. Heads in the know are well familiar, but if you’ve never dug much deeper than John Fahey then you need to look into it. A brand spanking, high-spec analog reissue of Visions of the Country is a damn fine place to […]

Jenks Miller (aka Horseback) “Spirit Signal” LP

Who is this Jenks Miller fellow, you ask? Well, many of you may know him better as Horseback, a project we have been following for quite some time on this olde blog. The man is releasing an album under the name his mother gave him on Northern Spy, and it would be wise of all […]