Converge – Live at the BBC 7″

Converge vinyl is nothing to be taken lightly. If you don’t snatch it up, the collectors will, and they will mock you with Instagram photos of Expedits full of a single album on 37 different colors of vinyl. Don’t let that happen. Pick up this new live 7″ from or

Power Trip “Manifest Decimation” LP

We truly meant to write this up when it was still for sale at Southern Lord. Well, it’s not anymore. I guess when they said it was going fast, they weren’t just trying to bump sales. The crossover thrash sound from this young band was a huge hit at SXSW earlier this year, and if […]

Ken Mode “Entrench” 2xLP

The new album from Ken Mode is available as a 2xLP on three different vinyl colors. Relapse in North America has them all at the moment, and if you are a fan of furious, hardcore-fueled metal, you should pick at least one of them up. Entrench on black, green or orange vinyl at

Converge “Caring and Killing” 2xLP

The early works of Converge (recordings from 1991 – 1994) are now available on vinyl. This is $25 from and worth every penny, obviously.

Southern Lord Records: Nails “Abandon All Life” LP

Based on their last few releases, Southern Lord seems intent on redefining itself as the go-to label for blackened, crusty, d-beat hardcore. This is the label that pretty much jettisoned black metal and doom into the spotlight (for North American hipsters at least) so it’s pretty fantastic to see them continuing to expand the depth […]

Hoax “s/t” LP

We are really digging everything this band is putting out right now. Following up on their Caged/Sick Punk 7″ we wrote up a couple weeks ago, we’ve caught wind of this LP that collects their first three EPs and a pair of songs from other, early releases. You could try to track those releases down, […]

Hoax “Caged” 7″

Don’t know a lot about this band other than that I love this track and their lead singer makes male pattern baldness and mustaches look fucking hardcore (proof). A tip of the hat to Go order yours for £4 from 1/26/2013 UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from our readers, we can now point you […]

Tape Tuesday: Sofy Major “Permission to Engage” CS

Let’s jump right into Tape Tuesday with this cassette edition of the recent full length effort from the noisy French hardcore unit Sofy Major. We were sent this double LP last year by the label that released it, and the raging metallic din completely blew us away. If you’d prefer a more micro-sized version, then […]

Converge “Unloved and Weeded Out” LP

If you haven’t bought your first record of the year yet, there’s no use waiting around for something better to come along. Converge is as good as it gets, and this collection of rare early material from the band has been out of print for years. Remixed and remastered by Kurt Ballou, available on three […]

A Few New Reissues from Deathwish Inc.

Our good friends over at Deathwish Inc. have a number of awesome reissues for sale. New things include a Victims/Kylesa split, two albums from Give Up The Ghost, and Ressurection discography 2xLP. Catch up at