Dälek – Asphalt For Eden LP

Dälek is a bit of an anomaly in the hip hop world. Or, they were, until groups like Death Grips showed up. But you know, maybe thats what happens when you take a break for 6 years? Having shared the stage with everyone from RJD2 to ISIS, they’ve made a name for themselves in the […]

Inventing Masks – s/t LP

Giuseppe Ielasi (mastermind behind the always excellent Senufo Editions label) is dropping some gauzy, woozy jazz-hop on us. Is jazz-hop a thing? Might be now. ‘Inventing Masks’ is a killer looping/ambient drunken walk. You know the kind. Slightly off-kilter, but feels so good? Yes, exactly. Almost feels like it could be instrumentals for a long […]

Days With Dr. Yen Lo – LP

If you think that you have outgrown hip-hop or you think that nothing out there will ever compare to the 90’s classics, then you should dig a little deeper. Rapper Ka and producer Preservation are the duo comprising Dr. Yen Lo, and their debut album sounds absolutely unlike anything else out there right now. There’s hardly […]

Trouble Knows Me (Madlib) 12″ EP

So Sam Herring is a dope MC that occasionally moonlights as the lead singer for some band called Future Islands and Otis Jackson Jr. is some jazz cat that occasionally releases beat tapes or whatever as Madlib. Together they form Trouble Knows Me and released an EP called Trouble Knows Me which contains a track called “Trouble […]

Lilacs And Champagne “Midnight Features Vol. 2: Made Flesh” Test Pressing Giveaway

There is a new album on the way from the Lilacs and Champagne shop – their 3rd and most evolved feature to date. Once again, Emil Amos has agreed to share a test pressing with one of our readers, and you can put yourself on the wishlist by entering a comment below. Unfortunately, only one […]

Run The Jewels (Killer Mike and El-P) 2xLP Pre-order

Updated 01/26/14: There is now a European edition available, you can pick it up at ninjatune.net. You guys might remember that one of the greatest albums from last year was Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music. Remember that? You might also remember that the only rap album to possibly contend with it came from none other than […]

Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein 4xLP

Any of you kids jockin’ Run The Jewels who have never heard of Cannibal Ox need to get real. Featuring the pristinely blunted production work of El-P, this is the undisputed highlight of the Definitive Jux catalog (well, I guess you could dispute that – that’s just like, my opinion, man). Out of print for […]

A$AP FERG “Trap Lord” LP

It’s pretty rare that Mitch and I get to feature something here from one of our favorite genres: trap rap mixtapes. Luckily enough, A$AP FERG decided to release Trap Lord as an album proper instead of a mixtape and, sex-noise interlude aside, it’s pretty damn swell. But just think of how great that sex-noise interlude […]

Tape Tuesday: Knx. “Anthology” 2xCS

Leaving Records and Stones Throw present a double cassette of soul-tinged beats from Knx. Not entirely un-reminiscent of JDilla’s Donuts, this anthology packs in 53 beats from the past 4 years or so. Pop it in, zone the fuck out: stonesthrow.com.

Tape Tuesday: Floyd Cheung SVBKVLT Beat Tape

We’re still loving the sounds from the recently minted SVBKVLT label, and they already have a new beat tape out, this time from Floyd Cheung. Yeah, never heard of him either, but I take no issue with his soulful electronic beats. Listen and purchase at svbkvlt.bandcamp.com. Still no distribution in North America but at least […]