Ugly Casanova – Sharpen Your Teeth 2xLP

Well it’s about damn time:

Beach House – Depression Cherry LP

Well this is it! This is the week! The week that the new album from the ever reliable dream-pop juggernaut that is Beach House hits record stores shelves. So tomorrow, Tuesday, march to your local record store, plunk your $20 on the counter, and listen to the clerk try to explain to you for the […]

Novella – Land LP+7″

Novella wield a sound that is very much melded of their influences. We could start naming names, but this is a pointless exercise within a music publication that trades glossy pages for embedded play buttons. Besides, you can read all about that type of stuff while you are placing your order at

El Vy – Return To The Moon LP

Guys, I really do love The National. I really do. I love putting on my favorite album (pick any) and losing myself in an introverted spiral of self-doubt, pity and regret. But sometimes, yes sometimes… I just want to dance! Let the white kids dance, Matt and Brent. Let them bob their heads slightly with very serious […]

Arcade Fire – Reflektor 2xLP

I can’t even pretend like we are too cool to write up a new album from Arcade Fire. This band is great, and seems incapable of releasing a bad tune. Believe that. After a frenzy of a pre-release campaign that included a 12″ drop earlier this week, you can now pre-order the new album, Reflektor, […]

Brundlefly & the Swede “Cabin Music” LP

A golden, glowing album from Brundlefly & the Swede. Two side long excursions into acoustic-centered sounds with tasteful electronic, electric and string flourishes all along the way. Pressed onto 180 gram vinyl at 45rpm for maximum richness of sound. Just the type of surprise we like to see in our inbox. Give it a listen […]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito” LP

We’re taking the easy road out on this lovely Monday morning and just posting up a couple of “mainstream” releases (sidenote: what does “indie” even mean anymore?). I am a pretty huge fan of art that is so bad it’s great but this album cover for the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is just, well, […]

Tape Tuesday: WHY? “Mumps, etc, etc.” CS

It’s nice to see a label like Anticon step into the magnetic tape game. And rather than just go and print off some existing WHY? albums that you already own on those hip new cassettes everyone keeps talking about, they’ve gone and collected the demos that went on to become  the Sod In The Seed EP and Mumps, […]

Yo La Tengo “Fade” LP + 7″

The greatest and longest running band in the universe* has a new album out. If you don’t have room in your heart for a new LP from Yo La Tengo, then it is a cold, shriveled thing and could rightly benefit from the dusky autumnal jams and soft coos of this three-piece from Hoboken. The […]

Two Great 7″ Records by Robes

I’ve really been enjoying these two 7″ singles by Robes. This brand of uplifting electro-pop may not be groundbreaking, but it’s endlessly enjoyable. Definitely check them out if you like Hot Chip, Cut Copy, etc. They’re both on colored vinyl and cost $5 each. Oh, the Kilian Eng cover art doesn’t hurt either. Visit their […]