Marshstepper – s/t LP (2nd Pressing)

CH-256, also known as Marshstepper’s self-titled effort, began life as a cassette edition in 2012, and was repressed a couple of times. The 2015 vinyl edition seems to be following a similar lifecycle, as there is now a 2nd pressing available and all fans of murky and sometimes miserable noise (with the occasional beat extended as […]

Pure Ground – Standard Of Living LP

Time to get miserable, dudes. Chondritic Sound is on a mission to set the standard for labels releasing quality, experimental electronic mayhem, and the new LP from Pure Ground is a blunt affirmation of said mission. Drown in the sound over at and do yourself a favor by picking up one of the last couple of […]

Tape Tuesday: Bad Body – Do You Know I Live?

‘Do You Know I Live?’ is the newest tape by Bad Body on Tombed Visions…and its a weird one. The good kind of weird. The kind of weird that spans two side lengths movements of late night vibratory drones, industrial scrapes and sing-song-spoken word vocal work that somehow manages to creep you out and win […]

Author & Punisher – Drone Machines 2xLP

So, ‘Drone Machines’ by Author & Punisher (aka Tristan Shone) was originally released in 2010 on…CD? Yeah, we weren’t sure either. What matters is the NOW, people. Seventh Rule has finally ushered in a double LP version of this massive and brutal recording. Fans of any kind of industrial or doom metal will be way […]

Xothist “s/t” LP

The feel-good-hit-of-the-summer this is not. Having stumbled into Xothist’s self-titled LP completely blind, I can’t say I was prepared for dropping the needle on this nondescript piece of vinyl, that simply came in a plain paper sleeve with a patch (this was a promo copy, yours will have a jacket). I was expecting black metal, […]

Author & Punisher “Women & Children” LP

We completely neglected to give the first Author & Punisher album any coverage on this blog, even though it has gotten multiple spins on the turntable at OMGV HQ. Nothing out there that we know of quite sounds like Tristan Shone’s proprietary blend of home-made electronics and industrialized doom with all dials set to “FUCKING DESTROY”. […]

Violetshaped “s/t” 2xLP

The debut album from this 50% mysterious duo, and the official minting of the Violet Poison imprint: this self-titled 2xLP from Violetshaped is a harsh, 40-minute grind of factory floor techno. There is a pulse, but it is a cold, electronic thing. In other words: it’s a fantastic album. Now distributed in North America at […]

JK Flesh / Prurient “Worship is the Cleansing of Imagination” LP

Justin Broadrick reincarnates once again. For the JK Flesh moniker, he helms heavy industrial rhythms and steers them right into a crumbling iceberg of monolithic grey noise. This is as caustic as the man has sounded in years; it’s punishing and fantastic. On the flip side you have Prurient aka Dominick Fernow, doing what he does […]

P.H.O.B.O.S. “atonal hypermnesia” 2xLP

If the lo-fi mp3’s being served up on their website are any indication, the newest album from P.H.O.B.O.S. will wreck your fancy-man, audiophile speakers as soon as you drop the needle on the vinyl version. Aural industrial oblivion. Worth the price of import if you live in North America and if you’re across the waters […]