Inventing Masks – s/t LP

Giuseppe Ielasi (mastermind behind the always excellent Senufo Editions label) is dropping some gauzy, woozy jazz-hop on us. Is jazz-hop a thing? Might be now. ‘Inventing Masks’ is a killer looping/ambient drunken walk. You know the kind. Slightly off-kilter, but feels so good? Yes, exactly. Almost feels like it could be instrumentals for a long […]

Floating Points – Elaenia LP

Shame on us for not paying attention, but the last time I picked up a Floating Points 12″ it was just for gratuitous self indulgence in some luscious disco-leaning house. The debut full-length from the moniker of one Sam Shepherd (and band, apparently) did not register until an errant workday stream from (you should go do that now, as well). Turns out […]

Brian Ellis Group – Escondido Sessions LP

The Escondido Sessions from Brian Ellis Group sounds (and looks) like a dusty gem plucked from a forgotten corner of some burned-out hippie’s garage sale. The label’s writeup namedrops all the proper groups, and true enough: fans of Can, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Tortoise, etc. will assuredly find something to groove on here. Available from or in […]

Kamasi Washington – The Epic 3xLP

If you’ve managed to track down and wear the grooves out on every Coltrane bootleg out there, then you owe it to yourself to inject some new blood into your record collection. Most write-ups about the new Kamasi Washington album aren’t going to miss an opportunity to drop a mention of Kendrick Lamar in for […]

Tape Tuesday: Astral Spirits — Batch 6

There aren’t a whole bunch of tape labels (that we know of) out there that are focusing primarily on free jazz, but there is one that does it quite well and that would be Astral Spirits (which is a division of Monofonus Press.) Their newest batch contains works from Kid Millions & Jim Sauter, Taco […]

Hilde Marie Holsen – Ask LP

Holsen is likely a name that you haven’t heard before. That’s ok. We’re here to help. “Ask” is her debut full length on the very excellent Norwegian avant jazz label Hubro. She burns through 5 movements of trumpet work, both classically oriented and manipulated, as well as auxiliary electronic accompaniment. This is limited to only […]

Rob Mazurek – Alternate Moon Cycles LP

So, this record came out last year. But we just found out about it, and its crazy that its not sold out. “Alternate Moon Cycles” by Rob Mazurek (of Chicago Underground/Isotope 217 fame) features two side length movements of droning organ, bass and cornet that shimmer and glow in a most agreeable way. The minimalist […]

Birdman – OST 2xLP

Did you see Birdman last year? You better have. It was fantastic, and equally so is the music in it…which is officially getting the wax treatment from Milan Records. Much of the film is peppered with the solo jazz drumming of Antonio Sanchez, which is adept at carrying the scenes along in a way you […]

Gareth Flowers + Josh Mason – Silent Period LP

‘Silent Period’, the new collaborative effort from Gareth Flowers and Josh Mason, follows the arc of a long night/early morning following an unknown event that has led an enigmatic main character into self-exile. Four movements of haunted guitar ambience and troubled trumpet lead you through four specific states of being. A perfect spin for late […]

Tape Tuesday: Aging – Troubles? I Got A Bartender

Lets talk about Tombed Visions for a second. The releases on this rad UK label have been flying under all the radars we’re aware of..but we’re going to change that. Not 100% on exactly when this tape from Aging was actually released, but what matters is that it seems to be available and this is […]