Kindling – Vs The Police Lathe Cut 7″ / Giveaway

Alright ladies and dudes – today, something special. Last summer, most excellent fuzz-gazers Kindling laid down their twist on ‘Hate the Police’, a hardcore punk rock favorite from The Dicks, originally released in 1980. With Gary Floyd’s permission, the song was made available digitally, with 100% of the proceeds going to a non-profit organization dedicated […]

Soft Kill – Heresy LP

If I were to ever, let’s say, write a top ten of 2015 albums list, then Soft Kill’s Heresy would be on there close to number 1. In a year that saw no shortage of post-punk flirtation, this band of mopers rose quite easily to the top of the on-repeat pile. Daily check-ins have led to […]

Cio D’Or – all in all 2xLP

all in all is a statement in three parts, conveyed via techno. This 2xLP merely contains the first two arcs (designated by track title) but you can pick up the 3rd piece of the story, yocta to yotta, on pre-order as a separate LP. Are you tracking? Fans of minimal, dubbed out, experimental electronics take notice: […]

Holly Herndon – Platform 2xLP

That new Holly Herndon album you keep hearing about is available on vinyl, and there is still a small number of the special edition left (limited to 300, housed in a silkscreened poster). Get with it: Platform by Holly Herndon

Dino Spiluttini – All I Want is to Be a Happy Man LP

Dino Spiluttini has a new tape out on Sacred Phrases, but Tuesday it ain’t, and we wouldn’t dare persuade you to buy obsolete magnetic media on any other day of the week. Lucky for all of you slow-motion, blurry orchestra fans, the man has self-released a heavyweight vinyl edition of his newest opus, All I […]

Gevurah – Necheshirion LP

Gevurah have been a difficult band to track down for analog enthusiasts. Their demo was released as a hard to find cassette tape, and their follow-up was released as a CD by Profound Lore. So we can’t necessarily blame you for not checking these guys out yet… but you are officially out of excuses. Necheshirion […]

Castevet – Obsian LP

The sophomore album from Castevet has been pressed onto a scant edition of 250 vinyl copies, so you are better off tracking down a copy sooner rather than later. These already disappeared from but it looks like you can stil scare up a copy from or Obsian by CASTEVET

Driftmachine – Nocturnes LP

Florian Zimmer and Andreas Gerth present Driftmachine, a set of tracks engineered for sleep deprivation and other nocturnal survival games. This vinyl edition comes limited to 300 and is available from

Om – Pilgrimage LP

Om’s last album as a stripped down duo, before Chris Hakius left the group. The replacement of Chris with Emil Amos saw a fairly major shift in the density of the group’s sound so fans of the original duo may be prone to tout this as their greatest moment. That’s not true, of course, but […]

Hooded Menace – Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze 12″

Updated 03/01/2014: Now available from The Hooded Menace returns with a two-track attack on 12 inches from Doomentia. Limited edition purple vinyl is still available, but we let ya’ll sleep on the t-shirt/orange vinyl combo. Sorry fellas. Nab some audial horror from