Venenum – Trance of Death LP

Has progressive-psychedelic-death become the dad-rock of the metal genre? I’m not a dad, so I wouldn’t know. In any case, for their LP debut, Venenum steer their ship toward the same strange waters recently charted by Morbus Chron and Tribulation. Pick it up at Trance Of Death by Venenum

Ash Borer – The Irrepassable Gate 2xLP

The newest 2xLP from Ash Borer is now available, you kids should know what to do by now. Still the best American black metal going, West Coast or otherwise. You can pick it up from the Psychic Violence webstore or from the label at The Irrepassable Gate by ASH BORER

Candelabrum – Necrotelepathy LP

If raw, in-the-red, wall-of-sound black metal is your thing, then you are likely well familiar with Portugal’s Black Cilice. You probably didn’t miss the extremely limited initial pressing of Necrotelepathy from side project Candelabrum either. So you wouldn’t have any need to pick up the repress that is now available from or

Panphage – Drengskapr LP

If the Bandcamp profile photo doesn’t immediately sell you, or offends your puritan black metal sensibilities, then we could not possibly go out of our way enough to convince you to pick up the new LP from Sweden one-man band Panphage. Glorious riffs and triumphantly unhinged vocals with a production that complements the music quite perfectly; […]

Turia – Dede Kondre LP / Iskandr – Heilig Land LP

There’s something going on in the Netherlands, and it would be worth swiveling your lens in that direction. Both Turia and Iskandr play long-form black metal that is both slightly psychedelic and fairly minimal. Dede Kondre was played and recorded live and the vinyl grooves do indeed exude that kind of wild energy; while Heilig Land […]

Tape Tuesday: Nightbringer – Terra Damnata

Normally, we’d probably just mention all the rad vinyl they guys are doing, but we think this might be one of the only proper Nightbringer releases made available on cassette in recent memory (not including reissues.) Whatever, either way, a slew of different options are available for the blistering Terra Damnata from Seasons Of Mist. […]

Uškumgallu – Rotten Limbs in Dreams of Blood LP

Uškumgallu on Vrasubatlat. The phonetics are as impenetrable as the music, and neither were made for peaceable ingestion. Metal Archives tells me that members are shared with Ash Borer, but the sound here is less cathartic and more primal, raw and violent (not at all unlike last year’s criminally slept upon Urzeit release). Follow the Vrasubatlat […]

Cultes Des Ghoules – Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love 3xLP

We got so caught up stalking Hells Headbangers waiting for the drop that we forgot to alert our faithful to the newest masterpiece from Cultes Des Ghoules. We aren’t being hyperbolic when we say this album is quite unlike anything else out there, and certainly worthy of the 3xLP pressing that Hells Headbangers has bestowed up […]

The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy LP

There are 5 copies left of this LP on Bandcamp right now. If Lovecraft worship metal is your thing, we highly suggest you check it out: EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy by The Great Old Ones

Eternal Champion – The Armor of Ire LP

If the cockles of thy cold, black heart aren’t warmed by Eternal Champion’s logotype or cover art then this album is clearly not for you. Move along. If, however, you are aroused by every scantily-clad, leg-clinging, questionably-rendered female form you’ve ever laid your eyes upon, then take a moment away from sharpening your battle axe or greasing your pecs […]