Khanate – Self Titled/Things Viral+ 2xLP

For the uninitiated, Khanate (now defunct) was the experimental O’Malley/Plotkin/Wyskida/Dubin doom quartet that breathed a new light (or swallowed it, depending on how you see things) into the heavy scene back in 2001. For years now, both ‘Things Viral’ (their best, in our humble opinion) and ‘Khanate’ have been out of press, but Hydra Head […]

Conan – Revengeance LP

Conan hasn’t come up in a while here on OMGV, but we are gonna right that ship this instant. This new record ‘Revengeance’ straight up pummels from beginning to end..huuuge guitars tuned to F, crushing low end, and with an addition of a new drummer, we also find the UK trio at their fastest yet […]

Hooded Menace – Darkness Drips Forth LP

The eyeless horde returns on Relapse with a new slab of crushing, funereal death metal. Four long tracks embalmed in wax – a timely reminder that Halloween is coming soon, and your death will come sometime after that. Pre-orders are up on colored and black vinyl at Darkness Drips Forth by HOODED MENACE

Hollow Sunshine – Bring Gold LP

Reuben Sawyer. You may not be familiar with his name, but you’ve likely seen his art adorning records and merch for Chelsea Wolfe, Deafhaven, etc. Hollow Sunshine is his brain child and their new record is ready for pre-order from Iron Pier. “Bring Gold” is easily the best one yet from the illustrator-guitarist-drummer-singer & co. […]

Great Falls/Thou – Split 7″

Great Falls, Thou and Shellac walk into a bar…and the punch line is, this new cover 7”, which does just that. Thou, who have been on a roll this past year with insane cover versions of 90’s favorites, offer up their twist on “A Prayer To God,” which takes the sadness inherent in the original […]

Blind Idiot God – Before Ever After 2xLP

Once in a while, a band will come along and make a record that will appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. ‘Before Ever After,’ the band’s first full length in over 2 decades (and first to feature Tim Wyskida of Khanate fame), is one of those recordings…and for our money, it’s the best Blind […]

Warhorse – As Heaven Turns To Ash 2xLP

Southern Lord is reissuing one hell of a classic doom record: Warhorse’s ‘As Heaven Turns To Ash’. This thing, in our humble opinion, is one of those quintessential examples of a crushing record from the era. This new exclusive double vinyl version compiles the original 9 tracks from the ’01 release as well as the […]

Author & Punisher – Drone Machines 2xLP

So, ‘Drone Machines’ by Author & Punisher (aka Tristan Shone) was originally released in 2010 on…CD? Yeah, we weren’t sure either. What matters is the NOW, people. Seventh Rule has finally ushered in a double LP version of this massive and brutal recording. Fans of any kind of industrial or doom metal will be way […]

Sleep – Volume One LP

You may or may not have noticed that Sleep’s Volume One has been repressed. That’s about as seminal of a stoner rock record as any basement-dwelling, couch-bound vinyl collector could hope for – so maybe find a way to part with one of your 20 variations of Dopesmoker and pick this one up on wax. Essential. […]

Paul Chain – Mirror 2xLP

Paul Chain has recently received a career resurrection of sorts – with a prolific string of lovingly crafted reissues and rereleases put out by labels intent on alerting the masses to this other-worldy musician and master of many things doomy, proggy, thrashy and weird. You get all those bases covered by the collection of odds-and-ends […]