Eternal Champion – The Armor of Ire LP

If the cockles of thy cold, black heart aren’t warmed by Eternal Champion’s logotype or cover art then this album is clearly not for you. Move along. If, however, you are aroused by every scantily-clad, leg-clinging, questionably-rendered female form you’ve ever laid your eyes upon, then take a moment away from sharpening your battle axe or greasing your pecs […]

Magister Templi – Into Duat LP

The new Magister Templi album is out and it is glorious. No vinyl copies have surfaced in the US yet, but the label should be shipping them out shortly! Experience the true majesty and might of peerlessly crafted Heavy Metal: Into Duat by MAGISTER TEMPLI

Cirith Ungol Vinyl Reissues

These crucial reissues from the mighty Cirith Ungol have already gone out of stock at one reliable US distro, so don’t miss your chance to snatch them up again. These are on Metal Blade, fully official, and you can expect quality. Currently available from

King Diamond – The Eye LP & Fatal Portrait LP Reissued

Two new King Diamond reissues from the Metal Blade imprint. As far as we are concerned, you either hunt down the originals or you purchase these (just stay away from that last round of Roadrunner/Cargo reissues – blegh!). Essential. You can pick up The Eye at, or and pick up Fatal Portrait the same way:, […]

Iron Maiden Reissues

Black vinyl Iron Maiden reissues from their classic run of 80’s albums. These are cut from the original analogue master tapes, use original artwork and layouts and what’s more, all the original seven inch singles are being released alongside them in limited edition. This mad release schedule is commencing October 14th and being spaced out […]

High Spirits – You Are Here LP

The sophomore album from Chicago’s High Spirits has been on the shelves a coupla weeks now. High energy and, well, highly spirited rock and roll pressed up onto black vinyl or CTA splatter to match the cover. Released and distributed at You Are Here by High Spirits

Battleroar – Blood of Legends 2xLP

If you prefer your heavy metal a bit more majestic than most, than do yourself a favor and check out the new LP from Battleroar. The cover is a fairly dead giveaway for the tunes inside, except instead of a harp there is a violin. Yep. Pick it up on the always reliable Cruz Del […]

Mercyful Fate & King Diamond Reissues

Well now, aren’t these pretty. Really, the candy colored vinyl choices for these reissues are well chosen, however, what we are interested in here is the actual quality of the reissue, right? We can’t be distracted by pretty vinyl colors, can we? Recent Roadrunner/Cargo reissues have left some folks a bit sore (low quality artwork reproduction […]

Slough Feg – Digital Resistance LP

We’ve been enjoying this one a lot lately. The newest album from Slough Feg is a singular entry within the pantheon of modern metal – nobody does it quite like these lads. Distribution seems fairly limited for the time being, but you can pick up some colored vinyl from The Digital Resistance, indeed.

Magister Templi – Lucifer Leviathan Logos LP

Updated 03/01/2014: Now available from All hail Lucifer Leviathan Logos! One of the best things about end-of-the-year lists is discovering and/or rediscovering music that you didn’t know existed or forgot about. This came out in May, but a proper vinyl edition was sorely missing… these powerful heavy metal jams yearn for the release of full-on […]