Tape Tuesday: HIRS – 2nd 100 Songs

You know what…lets get real about a good ol’ fashioned grind tape for this week’s installment of Tape Tuesday. The title of this trans/queer thrash collective’s recording pretty much says it all. 100 (101 actually) tracks of blistering blastbeats, unsettling samples and (somehow?) :00 long songs. Fans of ANb, Hellnation and, well…Nirvana, should take note. […]

Sepultura – Schizophrenia LP Reissue

It looks like Metal Blade is stepping up it’s vinyl reissues. No complaints; a quality stateside pressing of Sepultura’s second album has been painfully missing from many a newly converted vinyl collector’s shelf o’ thrash. You can pick it up right now from 20buckspinshop.com or Metal Blade’s online shop at indiemerch.com. Limited to 1500 copies on 180 gram […]

Overkill – White Devil Armory 2xLP

Overkill cannot be stopped. Who’s excited for a new album? This guy… over here… with the perm and the high-tops, throwin’ devil horns, eatin’ pizza. This band shows no signs of slowing down or changing their formula – you are pretty much guaranteed a full-on, raging thrash attack. You can pre-order for now via nuclearblast.de. As usual, plenty […]

Force of Darkness – Darkness Revelation LP

Way back in 2010, Chile’s Force of Darkness released Darkness Revelation, their second full-length. HHR have brought this blackened slab of thrash into 2014 with an unholy vinyl pressing on purple splatter vinyl. Pvrple power, people. Pick this one up at shop-hellsheadbangers.com. Darkness Revelation by FORCE OF DARKNESS

Nocturnal Breed – Napalm Nights 2xLP

If ever an album cover screamed pure, old-school thrash metal… seven long years later, Nocturnal Breed return with Napalm Nights, a ripper from front to back. Pick up a copy on colored vinyl with a patch at agoniarecords.com or simply on standard black vinyl here. Napalm Nights by Nocturnal Breed

Sarcofago – Rotting LP

Greyhaze continues their Sarcofago reissue campaign, right alongside Osmose. Greyhaze does boast complete remastering for their editions, for what it’s worth. Also, these should be much easier to acquire within the US. Also, this EP is an absolute necessity for your collection so consider a pre-order from greyhazerecords.com. Rotting by Sarcofago

Besieged – Victims Beyond All Help LP

Heavy metal maniacs take note: Besieged have come from Canada to split your skull. This LP definitely harkens back to the thrashing, deathly days of yore, and those of you who can’t quite put that decade behind you would be well advised to invest some time and money with this one: unspeakableaxerecords.com. Colored vinyl is still […]

Force Of Darkness – Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness LP

While you are over at 20 Buck Spin picking up the new album from Cauldron Black Ram, do yourself a giant favor and throw this new MLP from Chile’s Force Of Darkness into your basket. Absolutely ripping! And as we mentioned, everything in their distro is 20% off (use the promo code “BLACKRAM” during checkout): 20buckspinshop.com.

Ranger – Knights Of Darkness 12″

Ranger is metal of the highest, skull-splitting-est caliber. A second pressing of this understandably celebrated EP is finally available. You can find it stateside at experimedia.net for now or direct from the label ektrorecords.com.

Power Trip – The Armageddon Blues Sessions 12″

The long out-of-print Armageddon Blues 7″ from heavy-metal darlings Power Trip is born again as a single-side 12″; this time featuring all the songs from the sessions that yielded that EP. There are still two different vinyl colors available but you missed out on that “weed green / purp drank” shit, my man. Consolation prizes […]