ABSU – Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. LP (Standard Edition)

The Crypt specializes in beautiful, expansive vinyl reissues for essential, underground metal bands. We all know this. Well, we all should. If you don’t then shame on you. I’ve got to admit though, the cost of admission and forfeiture of precious shelf space has kept me from picking a few up. So I was pretty damn […]

Tape Tuesday: Ardour Loom ‘Demo’ Cassette

We haven’t checked in with Parasitic Records for awhile… no time like the present – especially since they just put up this new tape from Ardour Loom. If that new Agalloch went too deep into the woods for you, then do well to check this one out. The band keeps things distinctly black, and yes – you might […]

AEVANGELIST – Omen Ex Simulacra 2xLP

This one’s a bit of a sleeper and has been sitting in the drafts for several weeks, but there’s no time like a humid Friday afternoon to put on your headphones and rub a death metal belt-sander all over your brain. This 2xLP was released on Debemur Morti and can be picked up from shop-hellsheadbangers.com. Omen Ex […]


Remember that tape that you ordered that you never received? The one that you emailed the label about several times and were repeatedly told “this will ship next week” before all possibility of a reply or a PayPal refund were apparently sucked into some sort of cosmic black vortex (hmmm… maybe that’s what their logo represents). Oh, […]

Gevurah – Necheshirion LP

Gevurah have been a difficult band to track down for analog enthusiasts. Their demo was released as a hard to find cassette tape, and their follow-up was released as a CD by Profound Lore. So we can’t necessarily blame you for not checking these guys out yet… but you are officially out of excuses. Necheshirion […]

Tape Tuesday: Alraune – s/t EP

Scuzzy black metal just seems to fit the cassette tape format so perfectly. Graceless Recordings, quickly becoming one of our favorite cassette labels, offers up this two track blast of misanthropy from Alraune – a little taste of their full length LP (out on vinyl soon via Gilead Media). Pick it up at gracelessrecordings.bigcartel.com. Self-titled EP by ALRAUNE

Vilkacis – The Fever Of War LP

That tape you wanted, the one that you were planning on buying in a couple days but then sold out, is now available as an LP. Lucky you. Don’t fuck this one up again, dude. As we said, Ash Borer is leaving on tour soon, so the PV label/distro will be essentially out of commission […]

Akatharsia – Demo CS

A little late for Tape Tuesday, but the Ash Borer lads are hitting the road in a few days and if you want a copy of either of the newest Psychic Violence releases, the time for action is now. Akatharsia features past and present members of all your favorite cliques from the PV stable. Stream it […]

Force of Darkness – Darkness Revelation LP

Way back in 2010, Chile’s Force of Darkness released Darkness Revelation, their second full-length. HHR have brought this blackened slab of thrash into 2014 with an unholy vinyl pressing on purple splatter vinyl. Pvrple power, people. Pick this one up at shop-hellsheadbangers.com. Darkness Revelation by FORCE OF DARKNESS

Deathspell Omega – Si Monvmetvm Reqvires, Circvmspice 2xLP

With little fanfare as usual, Norma Evangelium Diaboli have re-released Si Monvmetvm Reqvires, Circvmspice, the album that saw Deathspell Omega pivot on their dainty french heels and offer up some new blood and sound for the black metal altar. Information is scarce, but I would not hesitate for a second if you have been looking for […]