Bestia Arcana – To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu 2xLP

At last the vinyl edition of Bestia Arcana’s full length is upon us. Those of us who managed to score a cassette a couple of years ago were treated to some finely crafted black metal and incredible, dark atmospheres. An album worthy of a spin on your turntable if ever there was one, pick it […]

Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise LP

Another fantastic black metal release, this one following up a well received cassette EP from Thantifaxath. This Canadian trio brings all the darkness and light of the North straight into your living room. Pick up a pre-order for April 15th from none other than

Funereal Presence – The Archer Takes Aim LP

This full length from Funereal Presence kind of got passed over during all the hubbub over the new Teitanblood and that’s too bad because The Archer Takes Aim is exactly the kind of blood-freezing black metal you need in your life right now. This is coming to you from Bestial Devotion of Negative Plane, so […]

Tape Tuesday: Fluisteraars – Dromers

It’s still snowing in Minneapolis, so we are still listening to black metal (as if a lack of snow has ever stopped us). Fluisteraars hail from the Netherlands and craft blackest metal of the epic variety (i.e. the shortest track on Dromers is over 8 minutes long). Vinyl will hopefully land stateside at some point, […]

Force Of Darkness – Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness LP

While you are over at 20 Buck Spin picking up the new album from Cauldron Black Ram, do yourself a giant favor and throw this new MLP from Chile’s Force Of Darkness into your basket. Absolutely ripping! And as we mentioned, everything in their distro is 20% off (use the promo code “BLACKRAM” during checkout):

Abyssal – Denouement LP

2014 is the year for Abyssal vinyl, apparently. The debut LP from these black death warlocks was recently pressed to vinyl and can be ordered from the distro over at

Predatory Light – MMXIV Cassette

Updated 03/24/2014: Second press now available from and In this week’s don’t-sleep-on-it Monday morning news we present to you the tape debut of Predatory Light. A day earlier than usual, but seeing as how there are only a few handfuls of stock left – we would like to encourage you to pick up […]

Ash Borer “Bloodlands” 12″ EP

Updated 3/24/2014: Repressed on smokity vinyl and available from Three rounds of test pressings later, Gilead Media has approved production of the new 12″ from Ash Borer. Although this is being billed as an EP, it is about 35 minutes long. Two long songs of black metal like only Ash Borer can do. Comes […]

Anagnorisis – Beyond All Light LP

A much needed vinyl pressing of Beyond All Light from Anagnorisis and Like Young Records. Impressive, homegrown black metal that saw a swiftly sold-out pressing via cassette last summer, now ready to digest in proper analog hi-fi. Limited edition gold-colored vinyl can be picked up from the label at or pick up some wax from the […]

Chakal, Mutilator, Sarcófago, Holocausto – Warfare Noise LP

They don’t make ‘em like they used to, just ask any jaded old hesher you stumble across. Warfare Noise is an early compilation from Brazil’s Cogumelo Records, and the first official output of the four bands presented here. The audio has been remastered specifically for this release, so don’t hesitate to pick up a copy […]