Misþyrming – Söngvar elds og óreiðu LP

Will this analog transcription of triumphant Icelandic black metal disappear, once again, within a matter of hours? Best not to chance it: fallenempirerecords.com. Söngvar elds og óreiðu by Misþyrming

Mgła – Exercises In Futility LP

The no-frills vinyl edition of one of 2015’s finest; now available to carry you into the New Year: salvationdistro.com. No colored vinyl, no limitation, no gimmicks. Exercises in futility LP 2015 by Mgła

Akitsa – Grands Tyrans LP

You may have skipped the tape edition way back when, instead opting to weather your patience against the never-ending pressing plant backlog in anticipation of this: a freshly stamped vinyl copy of the new Akitsa album. This is now available for distribution, and you must know that our friends at experimedia.net are stocking copies for all […]

Angelcorpse Reissues

It has been far too long since the Angelcorpse discography was in print on vinyl, and it seems also: far too long since these reissues were initially announced. However, Osmose has been doing an admirable job of keeping the classics on the shelves, and you should hasten to add these monuments of aural barbarity to your […]

Obsequiae – Aria Of Vernal Tombs LP

Finally, new Obsequiae wax is upon us. This follow-up to 2011’s ‘Suspended In The Brume Of Eos’ is done up to the hilt with cathedral-verb drenched harp work and glorious, nay, triumphant medieval riffage that you’ve come to know from the band. Available direct from 20 Buck Spin in three colorways: Black Plague, Vernal Green […]

Blasphemy – Fallen Angel of Doom LP

Blasphemy’s Fallen Angel of Doom was hugely influential in the development of the “war metal” sound (whatever that means to you) and is available on vinyl once again, having been recently reissued by the only label really fit to do so: Nuclear War Now. Die-hards are disappearing, so purchase now or die softly another day, sweet prince: nwnprod.com. Fallen […]

Predatory Light / Vorde Split LP

Despite the forces of the universe conspiring against them, Psychic Violence have managed to curse the world with a new split LP from black metal anti-luminaries Predatory Light and Vorde. There is a limited, colored vinyl edition, so you forum jockeys will want to snatch fast for that – just don’t forget to spin the record after […]

Cultes Des Ghoules – The Rise Of Lucifer 10″ EP

On that Luciferian erection tip, the Cultes Des Ghoules coven throw their hats in the ring with this magnificent ten inch. As usual, new material from these masters of the dark arts has been disappearing off the virtual shelves at an alarming rate, leaving fan boys very hot and most definitely bothered. Grip it while […]

Mystifier – Goetia 2xLP

As far as satanic erections go, the cover for Mystifier’s Goetia gets a 5/5. Subtle and none too fussed over, it is nevertheless wrought with consummate skill and an undeniable respect for the craft and nuance of devil boner rendering. The music? Well, it’s about as blasphemous and titillating as a nun in heat, dry humping an […]

Agalloch – The Mantle 2xLP / Ashes Against The Grain 2xLP

We couldn’t find much info about these 2xLP versions of The Mantle and Ashes Against The Grain that just went up over at 20buckspin.com but that didn’t stop us from instantly ordering them, and it shouldn’t stop you either – these two masterpieces have been out of print and in demand for many years now. Edit: Looks like […]