Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short 2xLP

Drudkh return with their tenth full-length, A Furrow Cut Short. Majestic Ukrainian black metal cut across 4 sides of vinyl, available on white from 20buckspinshop.com or red from erodingwinds.com (only 2 left!). A Furrow Cut Short by Drudkh

Macabre Omen – Gods Of War – At War 2xLP

A good way to start a Thursday is with some powerful and majestic Hellenic black metal, as the old saying goes. Macabre Omen fulfill the requirements masterfully, and you can pick up their new 2xLP – their first in ten years – over at darkdescentrecords.com via van-records.de. Gods Of War – At War by Macabre Omen

Nightbringer – Ego Dominus Tuus 2xLP

Finally, night has fallen and the vinyl version of the latest Nightbringer record is upon us. Daemon Worship did it up right with this one. It can weigh a little heavy on your coin purse, but the presentation looks like it will be totally worth it. Available in Black, Qayin (red/black/clear splatter) and Azazel (blue/gold […]

Il’ithil – Ia’Winde LP

Winter’s not done yet. Case in point: this frigid release from Il’ithil on Psychic Violence. A cold blast of black metal wherein the author’s specifics are shrouded in the type of mystery typical of the genre, but we know all we need to in the fact that he is closely related to the Wolvserpent and […]

ARIZMENDA – Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus 2xLP

Counterpoint to the album released by BTC figurehead Volahn earlier this year, Stillbirth in the Temple of Venus is the newest double LP of black sex majick from ARIZMENDA. A hotly anticipated release, not least of all because this has always been one of the more interesting projects to shake out of the deep folds of […]

Abigor – 1994-1998 The Complete Hörnix Recordings

This is a monumental release from the legendary Abigor, and you could easily argue that it comprises their best material. A boxset featuring remastered audio of the first six albums worth of material. No Cracker Jack’s trinkets or colored vinyl – simple, no-frills packaging and a 32 page booklet, all presented on black vinyl LPs with a nice looking slipcase to […]

Rhinocervs – RH-11 LP

The infamous Rhinocervs tape label does not seem to be functioning anymore, but Final Agony seems intent on giving many of their fantastic and poorly-dubbed/distributed releases a proper vinyl pressing (along with a usually much needed remastering). The most recent to hit their shelves is RH-11 and can be purchased on limited colored vinyl over […]

New on Init Records: Krieg – Transient LP + 7″ and Woman Is The Earth – Depths LP

Init Records is now shipping their two most recent releases: a pair of black metal recordings to carry you through the ravages of the Midwest winter. Krieg’s newest album comes with a 7″, and one colorway is already sold out (the other two aren’t far behind). On the more atmospheric side of the US black […]

Abigor “Leytmotif Luzifer” LP

Updated 1/26/2015 – Copies in the US available at arcanealtar.bigcartel.com. Another sleeper album from 2014, barreling its way into 2015 on an avalanche of spiky riffs and ill intentions. Abigor have been around for some time and show no signs of slowing down with their most recent release, Leytmotif Luzifer, currently available to purchase from avantegardemusic.bandcamp.com. No US […]

Volahn “Aq’ab’al” 2xLP

The Black Twilight Circle standard-bearer returns with Aq’ab’al, a 2xLP of cosmic-tinged, black metal savagery filtered through the lens of ancient Mayan culture. This has sold out in just about every distro to offer copies, but you can still pick it up from the theajnaoffensive.com. CN-26 Aq’ab’al by VOLAHN