The Ominous Circle – Appalling Ascension 2xLP

The curation prowess of the taste-makers at 20 Buck Spin was well justified by many a top ten list in 2016, and it looks like that trend will continue on into the nuclear dawn of 2017. The Ominous Circle keep it anonymous and filthy on their debut, just like you kids like it. Stream the […]

Chthe’ilist – Le Dernier Crépuscule 2LP

Dark Descent Records takes on vinyl pressing duties for the debut album from Chthe’ilist. Lovecraftian points of reference seem like the obvious schtick here, but according to the band: the lyrics are either original stories, or are directly referencing The Legend Of Zelda. And the music? Well, it crushes. Pick up a pre-order on super sexual swamp green […]

Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria LP

Good morning everybody and happy breakfast! Gaze upon the album cover for Pissgrave’s Suicide Euphoria as you shovel whatever protienated-oatmeal-health-slurry you’ve convinced yourself will extend your life into your fleshy gob. Then give this album a spin and wallow in the continual futility of drawing breath. Order on black vinyl from or before you […]

Sulphur Aeon – Gateway To The Antisphere 2xLP

The Man has been telling you your entire life: “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Well, why the hell not? I implore you to judge this book (er… album) by its (very awesome) cover. Courtesy of Ola Larrson, the gatefold depicts in savage detail: a seascape of Lovecraft-ian terror which is, in fact, mirrored within […]

Angelcorpse Reissues

It has been far too long since the Angelcorpse discography was in print on vinyl, and it seems also: far too long since these reissues were initially announced. However, Osmose has been doing an admirable job of keeping the classics on the shelves, and you should hasten to add these monuments of aural barbarity to your […]

Portal – Swarth & Seepia Reissues

No other group conjures the madness of Portal. It would simply not be possible for two bands to concurrently wield such eldritch powers and have the earth not implode. Their vinyl catalog, once extremely hard to come by, has been given the distribution it deserves thanks to Hells Headbangers. Do not prolong the slow march toward ancient, unknown horror […]

Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness & Blessed Are The Sick

If the listings on Amazon can be believed (and they… usually can) then these two masterpieces of death metal from Morbid Angel are returning to vinyl. Earache seems to be slowing down on their production of “Full Dynamic Range” reissues lately, and we have no word whether or not these two titles will bear that […]

ZOM – Flesh Assimilation LP

ZOM’s debut LP has been given the vinyl treatment (including a foldout cover to showcase the beautiful artwork) thanks to the discerning minds over at Dark Descent. Pre-orders have been announced, and come May 18th or thereabouts, you should be holding in your hands a true manifestation of filthy, rotted death, courtesy of these Irish […]

Domains – Sinister Ceremonies LP

Righteous death metal from Spain – no swirling, no murkiness, no cavern-core posturing – just death metal. This is one of our favorite LPs in this genre to come out in 2014 and you can currently pick it up at or Sinister Ceremonies by DOMAINS

Swallowed – Lunarterial 2xLP

Plenty of bands piggyback on the mythos laid down by the visions of infernally inspired storytellers preceding them. I mean, how many more songs need to be written to finally wring the last, fetid drops from the shroud of Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s imagination? Well, lots more, probably. Anyways, point being – sometimes a band just hurls you […]