Sutekh Hexen – Salem LP

Salem is a live, impromptu field-recording by GreySun Records which provides a rare window into the improvisational and un-scripted creative realms of Sutekh Hexen. Finding the collective at their most forthright and primitive to date, Sutekh Hexen conjures something entirely original within their own construct. Upon completion came reflection and context, which yielded a challenging […]

So Pitted – Neo LP

Negative noise rock is not only appropriate, but necessary. Neo starts off in the red and doesn’t drop the needle until your dreams of a pleasant spring are buried beneath a mountain of feedback, sludge and migraine inducing percussion. Pick up the white vinyl at

Creation Is Crucifixion – Antenna Builder / Rerecorded Splits + Live In Geneva 2xLP

Back in the late 90’s, CIC put the ‘tech’ in tech-metal. Their Hacktivist Media group/Carbon Defense League not only issued their own records, but other projects including the theoretical reverse engineering of Nintendo Gameboys and another one that utilized a website that “let people truly name their own price on retail goods by printing out […]

Swans – White Light… + Love Of Life Vinyl Boxset

Swans’ onslaught of reissued albums continues with a boxset edition of 1991’s White Light from the Mouth of Infinity and 92’s Love of Life. As with everything from the Michael Gira discography: these are crucial picks for your collection. Individual vinyl editions will be made available after the boxset sells out but why would you wait for […]

Marshstepper – s/t LP (2nd Pressing)

CH-256, also known as Marshstepper’s self-titled effort, began life as a cassette edition in 2012, and was repressed a couple of times. The 2015 vinyl edition seems to be following a similar lifecycle, as there is now a 2nd pressing available and all fans of murky and sometimes miserable noise (with the occasional beat extended as […]

FIS – The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now LP

When you’re done spooning with your new Prurient 3xLP, but still aren’t ready to expose your frail countenance to the ravages of the summer heat and humidity, why not stay inside a little longer and subject your psyche to the dense sounds of The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now? Crank the AC, turn that volume […]

Retribution Body – Aokigahara LP

For those of you unfamiliar with suicide forests, there is a famous one in Japan called Aokigahara. For those of you unfamiliar with Matthew Azevedo’s solo moniker Retribution Body, he has a gloomy new record out soon on Type which shares the same name as that dark sea of trees. The LP contains two side-long […]

Tape Tuesday: Phinery May Batch

Phinery, a relatively new tape label out of Denmark, has got a new selection up for you to play and then rewind and then play again. Everything from glitchy crackle to modular wizardy to cut up collage work. It looks like the full batch isn’t up yet, but there are batch order options that begin […]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress LP

There’s a very good chance that your favorite record store has this available for a pre-order right now, or will be stocking it on their shelves come tomorrow. So why not pick up a copy this week? After all, this is infinitely better than anything coming out on Record Store Day. The new LP from […]

Blind Idiot God – Before Ever After 2xLP

Once in a while, a band will come along and make a record that will appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. ‘Before Ever After,’ the band’s first full length in over 2 decades (and first to feature Tim Wyskida of Khanate fame), is one of those recordings…and for our money, it’s the best Blind […]