Fabio Frizzi – A Cat In The Brain LP

Mondo is back at it with a superb edition of Fabio Frizzi’s score for Lucio Fulci’s worst movie: A Cat In The Brain. Did I say worst movie? I meant best movie. I mean, I honestly don’t even know. This movie is absolutely insane in the best way possible but is also simultaneously one of […]

Eduard Artemiev – The Mirror / Stalker OST LP

US pressings of Eduard Artemiev’s masterful soundtrack music for The Mirror and Stalker are now available from Superior Viaduct. These are $20 at superiorviaduct.com.

Mondo: Here Comes The Devil and Blue Sunshine Soundtrack Vinyl

The Mondo soundtrack label returns in 2014 with two righteous new editions for two mind-bending horror movies, one from 2012 and one from 1978. Both have stunning scores, of course, and equally stunning artwork and layout from Mister Jay Shaw. Each is limited to 1,000 copies with randomly inserted colored vinyl. Follow @mondonews for the […]

Halloween 2xLP

OH SHIT. We almost forgot about this new Halloween drop from Mondo. Luckily, this did not sell out instantly, but I wouldn’t pause for too long. You know the flippers are all over this one. The soundtrack to the greatest Halloween movie ever made, now available at mondotees.com (along with some mighty fine slipmats). Check […]

The New York Ripper and Room 237 Soundtrack Vinyl

Three new soundtracks are available on the venerated Death Waltz label. One from John Carpenter, of course, what Death Waltz update would be complete without that? But they’ve also got a soundtrack from one of Lucio Fulci’s finest slashers, The New York Ripper, and a modern soundtrack with a very retro bent, used to score […]

Upstream Color – Original Motion Picture Score LP

If you, like me, are prone to long bouts of sitting around trying to piece together a linear storyline for Shane Caruth’s mind-bending parasite lifecycle flick Upstream Color, then perhaps you, like me, would be aided by purchasing the soundtrack to use as a soundtrack to you thinking about the film. It’s $30, but I […]