Eduard Artemiev – The Mirror / Stalker OST LP

US pressings of Eduard Artemiev’s masterful soundtrack music for The Mirror and Stalker are now available from Superior Viaduct. These are $20 at

Bruno Nicolai – All The Colours Of The Dark (Tutti I Colori Del Buio) LP

As far as the soundtrack vinyl hustle goes, nobody does it better than Finders Keepers. The label reaches into the rich history of exotic, underground cult films to find some genuinely compelling music for release on our favorite format, and their latest triumph is putting Bruno Nicolai’s score for All The Colours Of The Dark back in […]

The Wicker Man – 40th Anniversary Edition LP

Oh wow, we could not be more excited about this one. All soundtrack vinyl reissue hype aside, The Wicker Man is one of our favorite movies of all time, and the soundtrack is marvelous. Everything about this reissue looks completely spot-on, down to the Richey Beckett artwork adorning the sleeve. Take a break from your […]

Timecrimes – Original Soundtrack LP

Mondo has also released a soundtrack recently, this one being the score to Timecrimes, the bendy Spanish sci-fi thriller from 2008. Featuring beautiful design work from We Buy Your Kids, this one is bound to satisfy all you soundtrack nerds. Pick it up at Full disclosure: the owner of OMGVinyl is affiliated with Mondo.

Edward Artemiev “Stalker / The Mirror: Music From Andrei Tarkovsky’s Motion Pictures” LP

Updated 09/20/2013: All the Artemiev reissues (except the Solaris EU pressing) are currently available at Whelp, those didn’t last long at Boomkat. Apparently Edward Artemiev is the new hot shit in soundtrack reissues, or Mirumir just knows what’s up. Following on from the Solaris Original Soundtrack Recording reissue, they are now putting out vinyl […]

The Last House On The Left – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Finally, after months of teasing it out, One Way Static has announced pre-orders for their vinyl edition of The Last House On The Left Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. One of the pants-pissingly greatest of Wes Craven’s early films, this soundtrack definitely deserves a spot in any horror hound’s and/or soundtrack fiend’s collection. The limited edition […]

Finders Keepers Vinyl: Marquis De Sade, Morgiana, The Cremator

Of course, the real gem of soundtrack reissue labels is and always has been Finders Keepers, who seem to keep a fairly low profile, considering. They’ve just announced three new releases, all of a psychedelic vintage that other labels only dream of. Seriously beautiful stuff featuring completely unique scores from Bruno Nicolai, Lubos Fiser, and […]

Day of the Dead – Original Score LP

Waxwork Records seem to be on the right path with their recently minted soundtrack reissue label. Following up on Re-Animator, they have now posted pre-orders for a 2xLP reissue of the Day of the Dead soundtrack, remastered for vinyl from the original master tapes. The price tag might make you cringe a little, but that […]

Evil Dead (2013) – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The original motion picture soundtrack to the newest Evil Dead film, both of which are amazing, can now be pre-ordered. October 31st is a long way off, but this pressing on “140gram gore splattered vinyl” sounds absolutely perfect. Pre-order now (or later) at or

Edward Artemiev “Solaris” OST LP

…and the soundtrack reissue craze continues. That’s okay, as long as labels can keep digging up much needed scores like this one: the original soundtrack for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris. In proper fashion, there appears to be two editions at the moment. North Americans may look to Superior Viaduct for their edition, complete with one of […]