Tape Tuesday: Rope Sect – Personae Ingratae

As far as we’re concerned, there could not possibly ever be enough suicidal, post-punk inspired rock ‘n’ roll. Pressed hot and magnetic onto cassette tape in order to adequately soundtrack your next failed attempt at killing yourself. Orders can be placed right now at caligarirecords.storenvy.com. Personae Ingratae by ROPE SECT

Soft Kill – Choke LP

We were fairly stoked to see that the new record from one of our favorite bands, Soft Kill, was coming out on one of our favorite labels: Profound Lore. Not so stoked when we realized that copies went on sale over a month ago and have all but disappeared. Looks like Forced Exposure is now […]

Mourn – Ha, Ha, He. LP

In a world of overblown and self-important artist albums, there is something incredibly refreshing about a short and taut collection of music delivered in under 30 minutes with absolutely no fuss. The 2nd album from Mourn is just that: refreshing, guitar based songs that almost all clock in under 3 minutes. The special edition vinyl is […]

Soft Kill – An Open Door LP

When it rains, it pours. Soft Kill seem to be gaining some traction recently, and it looks like their last album, An Open Door, is finally getting a repress with brand new artwork. This is another pre-order shipping out in mid-February and is undoubtedly deserving of your attention: massmediarecords.bigcartel.com. An Open Door by Soft Kill

Soft Kill – Heresy LP

If I were to ever, let’s say, write a top ten of 2015 albums list, then Soft Kill’s Heresy would be on there close to number 1. In a year that saw no shortage of post-punk flirtation, this band of mopers rose quite easily to the top of the on-repeat pile. Daily check-ins have led to […]

Heat Dust LP

It’s no secret that some competent post-punk worship is the way into our hearts (and onto our record players) and Heat Dust lay it down with aplomb. The Flenser serves up this taut slab on black and/or colored vinyl. Add to your collection via nowflensing.com. Heat Dust by Heat Dust

Pure Ground – Standard Of Living LP

Time to get miserable, dudes. Chondritic Sound is on a mission to set the standard for labels releasing quality, experimental electronic mayhem, and the new LP from Pure Ground is a blunt affirmation of said mission. Drown in the sound over at chondriticsound.bandcamp.com and do yourself a favor by picking up one of the last couple of […]

Second Layer – World Of Rubber 2xLP

Second Layer is a side project of two members of The Sound. World Of Rubber collects the output of Misters Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey onto one tidy 2xLP package and presents it back to the world that might have missed it, skipped it, or maybe just weren’t around for it. Here’s your second chance at […]

Screature – Four Columns LP

Avoid sunlight. Avoid brightly colored clothing. Avoid smiling. Order the new album from Screature and then turn off your computer forever. Cover the windows and the walls; turn off all the lights and wait for the album to arrive. When the postman brings you your package, make yourself a cup of coffee and quit acting like an asshole, dude. Here: ss-records-sol-re-sol-records.myshopify.com. […]

Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect LP

The new Protomartyr album, their 3rd in 3 years, comes out in October. The Agent Intellect LP comes with a lyric zine and initial copes will be pressed onto disgustingly opaque green vinyl. Taut Rock is the new Yacht Rock. Consume: hardlyart.com.