Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect LP

The new Protomartyr album, their 3rd in 3 years, comes out in October. The Agent Intellect LP comes with a lyric zine and initial copes will be pressed onto disgustingly opaque green vinyl. Taut Rock is the new Yacht Rock. Consume:

Ought – Sun Coming Down LP

It’s hardly been a year, but Ought are ready to bless us with another album of much-needed post-punk tunes. Sun Coming Down is being released on Constellation, and can be preordered for fellow Canadians at ‘Muricans can look to the ever reliable

Chelsea Wolfe “Ἀποκάλυψις” LP

Updated 06/26/2014: repressed – A suggestion, if I may be so bold: go pick up this album right now. I was a little late to Chelsea Wolfe’s doom inspired folk, and by the time I went searching for a vinyl version, it was already long gone. Well that situation has been rectified, and there […]

The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer 2xLP

A difficult band to peg precisely, but Chicago’s The Atlas Moth are nothing if not Heavy. Over the course of a few albums, their songwriting skill has only increased which means this, their most recent, is indeed the best thing they have recorded. There are still a few pre-order options available over at The […]

65daysofstatic – The Fall Of Math LP

The debut from 65daysofstatic, and possibly their best album, is getting a vinyl pressing on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. This is 180 grams of black vinyl, limited to 1000 copies, one of which could very well be spinning on your turntable in the not-so-distant future. Pre-orders are set to ship on or before […]

Pelican – The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw 2xLP

For myself, and probably many others, this particular album by Pelican opened up a whole new world of “post rock” discovery. Hell, I’ll even throw the term “instru-metal” into this writeup, just for old time’s sake. Anyways, aforementioned “world of post-rock discovery” quickly became polluted with hundreds of copy-cat boot-gazers and the sub-genre lost quite […]

Pelican – Forever Becoming LP

Pelican are back. Forever Becoming features a new guitarist but no loss of strength or focus. The band sounds as powerful as ever, and Southern Lord is offering a limited color vinyl edition of which there are only 500 available. Snap ’em up:

Disappears – Era LP

Chicago’s Disappears release their fourth album, once again on Kranky. Stripped down and rhythmic rock ‘n’ roll like only The Windy City can produce. Pick up a copy over at along with about the zillion other crucial titles that they have available right now.

Tortoise “Millions Now Living Will Never Die” LP

06/18/2013 UPDATE: Repressed on limited blue vinyl; sexy: We could not possibly be any further behind on posting, and I could not possibly be any more excited about an album being reissued. Millions Now Living Will Never Die represents a seminal entry in the Tortoise catalog, an album that deserves endless spins, and one […]

True Widow “Circumambulation” LP

Speaking of labels and unexpected signings, True Widow and Relapse doesn’t seem like the most intuitive of pairings and I’m unsure where the group’s brand of droney, stoney rock n’ roll fits into the “point, click, grind” mentality. We’re being facetious of course. Down with impotent genre tags and narrow-minded music listening. This is going […]