Venenum – Trance of Death LP

Has progressive-psychedelic-death become the dad-rock of the metal genre? I’m not a dad, so I wouldn’t know. In any case, for their LP debut, Venenum steer their ship toward the same strange waters recently charted by Morbus Chron and Tribulation. Pick it up at Trance Of Death by Venenum

Slutet – s/t LP

If you’re on the edge, and need a good shove into the abyss, Slutet can provide that. This music is heavy and psychedelic like the worst kind of out of control acid trip: psychedelic as in the Manson murders, psychedelic as in cutting your own face off. Apparently, the only way to acquire these demos previously was to send the band […]

Mammatus – Sparkling Waters 2xLP

Last time we checked in with Mammatus, they were laying it down pretty heavy. Well, turns out they still are, but the side long jams on the newest LP seem to have been infused with a bit of cosmic loft, perhaps to more closely align the music with the band’s moniker. In any case, fans of […]

Popol Vuh – Nosferatu The Vampyre 2xLP

For those of you who don’t wake and sleep according to the release schedule of colored vinyl soundtrack reissues, you may have missed this one: Waxwork Records have conjured up an official version of Popol Vuh’s masterful scoring of Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu The Vampyre. We managed to score a copy at Mondocon, and can attest to the quality […]

Brian Ellis Group – Escondido Sessions LP

The Escondido Sessions from Brian Ellis Group sounds (and looks) like a dusty gem plucked from a forgotten corner of some burned-out hippie’s garage sale. The label’s writeup namedrops all the proper groups, and true enough: fans of Can, Miles Davis, Coltrane, Tortoise, etc. will assuredly find something to groove on here. Available from or in […]

Psychemagik presents Magik Sunset Part 2 2xLP

There is no shortage of great tunes out there that have been lost to the obfuscation of time and/or location. However, there is a considerable shortage of time for most of us to go digging that gold up out of the stratified layers of obscure musical history. So if you are not currently suffering from a […]

Novella – Land LP+7″

Novella wield a sound that is very much melded of their influences. We could start naming names, but this is a pointless exercise within a music publication that trades glossy pages for embedded play buttons. Besides, you can read all about that type of stuff while you are placing your order at

Nest Egg – Respectable LP

Krautrock via North Carolina beamed straight to your current locale on the wondrous waves of modern analog recording and playback technology. Bathetic are no slouches when it comes to this sort of thing; expect endless motorik magick courtesy of Nest Egg to emanate and resonate in exceptional high-fidelity:

Natural Snow Buildings – Terror Horns LP

What’s not to love about the new Natural Snow Buildings record? The duo’s penchant for dark and beautiful songcraft? The celestial drones stripped of their feathers and dragged through the dirt? The Texas Chainsaw cover art aesthetic? These guys have enough kvlt to go around and then some. Terror Horns is currently on pre-order for the […]

Föllakzoid – III LP

This has been out a couple of months but we totally slept on it, so hopefully if you were after one of Sacred Bones’ lovely special edition LPs then you were on the ball when we weren’t. This album has Föllakzoid wringing out a stunning survey of electronic and drone structures from a minimal palette, with assistance from none […]