Kindling – Everywhere Else LP

It’s no secret. We like Kindling. Stephen Pierce, Gretchen Williams & Co. rip through twelve tracks of thick, low end pop-gaze on ‘Everywhere Else’ that is sure to satiate your need for viscous sounds. Like a well crafted New England style IPA, this bad boy is right up in your grill with notes of stonefruit […]

Bad Breeding – s/t LP

Oh my goodness, hello there! Bad Breeding play vitriolic punk rock in no sort of safe or digestible way – the way punk rock should always be played. You can pick up their self-titled full-length at a reasonable price (even after conversion rates and import cost) or just download the WAV files for free at […]

So Pitted – Neo LP

Negative noise rock is not only appropriate, but necessary. Neo starts off in the red and doesn’t drop the needle until your dreams of a pleasant spring are buried beneath a mountain of feedback, sludge and migraine inducing percussion. Pick up the white vinyl at

Creation Is Crucifixion – Antenna Builder / Rerecorded Splits + Live In Geneva 2xLP

Back in the late 90’s, CIC put the ‘tech’ in tech-metal. Their Hacktivist Media group/Carbon Defense League not only issued their own records, but other projects including the theoretical reverse engineering of Nintendo Gameboys and another one that utilized a website that “let people truly name their own price on retail goods by printing out […]

Akitsa – Grands Tyrans LP

You may have skipped the tape edition way back when, instead opting to weather your patience against the never-ending pressing plant backlog in anticipation of this: a freshly stamped vinyl copy of the new Akitsa album. This is now available for distribution, and you must know that our friends at are stocking copies for all […]

Marshstepper – s/t LP (2nd Pressing)

CH-256, also known as Marshstepper’s self-titled effort, began life as a cassette edition in 2012, and was repressed a couple of times. The 2015 vinyl edition seems to be following a similar lifecycle, as there is now a 2nd pressing available and all fans of murky and sometimes miserable noise (with the occasional beat extended as […]

Second Layer – World Of Rubber 2xLP

Second Layer is a side project of two members of The Sound. World Of Rubber collects the output of Misters Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey onto one tidy 2xLP package and presents it back to the world that might have missed it, skipped it, or maybe just weren’t around for it. Here’s your second chance at […]

Screature – Four Columns LP

Avoid sunlight. Avoid brightly colored clothing. Avoid smiling. Order the new album from Screature and then turn off your computer forever. Cover the windows and the walls; turn off all the lights and wait for the album to arrive. When the postman brings you your package, make yourself a cup of coffee and quit acting like an asshole, dude. Here: […]

Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect LP

The new Protomartyr album, their 3rd in 3 years, comes out in October. The Agent Intellect LP comes with a lyric zine and initial copes will be pressed onto disgustingly opaque green vinyl. Taut Rock is the new Yacht Rock. Consume:

Wrong – Stop Giving 12″

Miami has been home to some heavy hitters in the last few years, bands such as Torche and Capsule. Now we are graced with a splinter group of the latter known as Wrong and they are bringing some heavy riffage in the vein of early Helmet and Unsane to you via Robotic Empire. This 4 […]