Popol Vuh Reissues

Updated 04/06/2014: These are all in stock at fusetronsound.com, don’t pass it up again. It makes me literally *cringe* to think that I have to spend $200 to own these Popol Vuh reissues, but it makes me *cringe* even more to think that I might miss out on them. These are limited to 500 and […]

Death – Leprosy LP

I’m not sure how much longer you should wait to pull the trigger on the Relapse-mailorder-exclusive-deluxe-boxset-edition of this essential reissue from Death. At $60 it’s probably not flying off the shelves but once it’s gone you will be kicking yourself for waiting too long to pull the trigger. Of course, you could always pick up […]

Slayer – Vinyl Reissues

You can finally get a reasonable price on a vinyl edition of Reign In Blood, and every other Slayer album missing from your collection. The whole discography is due for reissue – remastered from the original analog sources – and right now you can pick up a handful of choice cuts from amazon.com.

Zombi Vinyl Reissues

We recently had the pleasure of seeing the Zombi duo opening for Goblin on tour, and these boys are the real deal. Vinyl has been hard to come by, but Relapse is fixing that by repressing “deluxe” editions of their three crucial albums. Peruse your options and get a power synth pre-order in for the […]

Cannibal Ox – The Cold Vein 4xLP

Any of you kids jockin’ Run The Jewels who have never heard of Cannibal Ox need to get real. Featuring the pristinely blunted production work of El-P, this is the undisputed highlight of the Definitive Jux catalog (well, I guess you could dispute that – that’s just like, my opinion, man). Out of print for […]

Laraaji – Essence/Universe LP Reissue

Laraaji, the new age artist famously “discovered” by Brian Eno, has received an essential reissue of some of his back catalog, including a vinyl edition of Essence/Universe, a long playing (i.e. nearly an hour in length) meditation from 1987. Essential stuff for ambient transcendentalists. Pick up a copy from experimedia.net or bleep.com.

Arthur Russell – Another Thought 2xLP

Updated 09/27/2013: Now available to pre-order at experimedia.net. Yes, please. This is the first time this particular collection of Arthur Russell tracks has been collected onto vinyl, and you would be wise to be attentive as LP reissues with this man’s name on them have been know to get scarce quickly. Other Music in NYC […]

Pharoah Sanders – Elevation 2×LP Reissue

Soul Jazz records has released a 2xLP reissue of Pharoah Sander’s Elevation. Spreading the music out over two LPs should be a considerable sonic improvement over the original pressing, and Soul Jazz are well regarded for their high quality pressings. You can currently pick this up at bleep.com and expect wider distribution in the coming weeks.

Edward Artemiev “Stalker / The Mirror: Music From Andrei Tarkovsky’s Motion Pictures” LP

Updated 09/20/2013: All the Artemiev reissues (except the Solaris EU pressing) are currently available at experimedia.net. Whelp, those didn’t last long at Boomkat. Apparently Edward Artemiev is the new hot shit in soundtrack reissues, or Mirumir just knows what’s up. Following on from the Solaris Original Soundtrack Recording reissue, they are now putting out vinyl […]

Seefeel – Quique LP Giveaway

Good morning, 90′s darlings. You may have heard that Light In The Attic has reissued Seefeel’s Quique as the next step in the (d)evolution of their Modern Classics Recordings series. What you may not have heard (since we haven’t announced it until literally just now) is that Light In The Attic is giving a free […]