Drexciya – Harnessed The Storm 2xLP

It’s a good time to start exploring the work of Detroit legends Drexciya. Their classic albums are being repressed on vinyl – thereby nullifying the exorbitant prices being charged on Discogs and Ebay. Harnessed The Storm, in particular, can now be picked up over at experimedia.net (and on sale, too). It also appears that all four 2xLP volumes of the […]

Sleep – Volume One LP

You may or may not have noticed that Sleep’s Volume One has been repressed. That’s about as seminal of a stoner rock record as any basement-dwelling, couch-bound vinyl collector could hope for – so maybe find a way to part with one of your 20 variations of Dopesmoker and pick this one up on wax. Essential. […]

Transllusion – The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate 3xLP

Another killer on the Discogs black market, another Drexciya-related project being reissued – Transllusion’s The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate features more classic Detroit synths and drum programming rendered in inimitable fashion. Orders can be placed currently at redeyerecords.co.uk or normanrecords.com. Stream the entire album at factmag.com.

Drexciya – Neptune’s Lair 2xLP

This has been available for awhile now but once it is gone, Discogs prices will rise again, just as the Drexciyan warriors of the forgotten underwater realms will. And this is what you will listen to while you toil away in their salt mines. Pick it up at experimedia.net or amoeba.com.

King Diamond – The Eye LP & Fatal Portrait LP Reissued

Two new King Diamond reissues from the Metal Blade imprint. As far as we are concerned, you either hunt down the originals or you purchase these (just stay away from that last round of Roadrunner/Cargo reissues – blegh!). Essential. You can pick up The Eye at 20buckspin.com, relapse.com or amazon.com and pick up Fatal Portrait the same way: 20buckspin.com, relapse.com […]

Swans – Filth (Re-mastered 2014) LP

Swans’ Filth, their debut album, has been remastered and reissued by Michael Gira’s very own label, Young God Records. Welcome news for Swans fans both entrenched and newly enlisted, and even more exciting is the implication that this is just the beginning of a reissue campaign of some sort (hopefully a long and exhaustively comprehensive […]

Iron Maiden Reissues

Black vinyl Iron Maiden reissues from their classic run of 80’s albums. These are cut from the original analogue master tapes, use original artwork and layouts and what’s more, all the original seven inch singles are being released alongside them in limited edition. This mad release schedule is commencing October 14th and being spaced out […]

Sepultura – Schizophrenia LP Reissue

It looks like Metal Blade is stepping up it’s vinyl reissues. No complaints; a quality stateside pressing of Sepultura’s second album has been painfully missing from many a newly converted vinyl collector’s shelf o’ thrash. You can pick it up right now from 20buckspinshop.com or Metal Blade’s online shop at indiemerch.com. Limited to 1500 copies on 180 gram […]

ABSU – Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. LP (Standard Edition)

The Crypt specializes in beautiful, expansive vinyl reissues for essential, underground metal bands. We all know this. Well, we all should. If you don’t then shame on you. I’ve got to admit though, the cost of admission and forfeiture of precious shelf space has kept me from picking a few up. So I was pretty damn […]

Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation 2xLP Reissue

Speaking of 4xLP reissues, you may or may not have in your collection the 4xLP boxset of Daydream Nation, simply one of the greatest albums ever cut to tape, rock or otherwise. Thankfully, Goofin’ are pressing up a standard 2xLP version (finally) so if you don’t ever see yourself reaching for those live discs, then […]