Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation 2xLP Reissue

Speaking of 4xLP reissues, you may or may not have in your collection the 4xLP boxset of Daydream Nation, simply one of the greatest albums ever cut to tape, rock or otherwise. Thankfully, Goofin’ are pressing up a standard 2xLP version (finally) so if you don’t ever see yourself reaching for those live discs, then […]

Alice Coltrane – A Monastic Trio LP

Proper vinyl reissue of the debut album from Alice Coltrane featuring all your favorite players from John’s group. Truly spiritual music that deserves to live on in the form of lovely vinyl editions so if you don’t have a copy yet then we highly urge you to buy one from or why not tack it onto […]

The Mars Volta – De-loused In The Comatorium 2xLP

Anybody who has suffered for years with the horrible sound quality of the original pressing of this album has no doubt been praying for a proper analog edition. Perhaps they were not praying that it would cost them nearly $50 but alas, collecting vinyl is a dirty, dirty game and you can always comfort yourself […]

Drexciya – Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller 2×12″

As classic techno sounds continue to enjoy a resurgence in credibility, more than a few labels are aiming to keep the classics in print and educate the new breed about what came before. The influential underwater techno explorations of Drexciya are being collected as Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller, and Volume I has come […]

Sarcofago – Rotting LP

Greyhaze continues their Sarcofago reissue campaign, right alongside Osmose. Greyhaze does boast complete remastering for their editions, for what it’s worth. Also, these should be much easier to acquire within the US. Also, this EP is an absolute necessity for your collection so consider a pre-order from Rotting by Sarcofago

Dissection Vinyl Reissues

The Dissection full length discography is being reissued on vinyl via The Omega Order, including the post-prison LP, Reinkaos. Of course, most of us are itching for proper copies of The Somberlain and Storm of the Light’s Bane. It’s great to see these made available on a format other than picture disc, here’s hoping that […]

Mercyful Fate & King Diamond Reissues

Well now, aren’t these pretty. Really, the candy colored vinyl choices for these reissues are well chosen, however, what we are interested in here is the actual quality of the reissue, right? We can’t be distracted by pretty vinyl colors, can we? Recent Roadrunner/Cargo reissues have left some folks a bit sore (low quality artwork reproduction […]

Popol Vuh Reissues

Updated 04/06/2014: These are all in stock at, don’t pass it up again. It makes me literally *cringe* to think that I have to spend $200 to own these Popol Vuh reissues, but it makes me *cringe* even more to think that I might miss out on them. These are limited to 500 and […]

Death – Leprosy LP

I’m not sure how much longer you should wait to pull the trigger on the Relapse-mailorder-exclusive-deluxe-boxset-edition of this essential reissue from Death. At $60 it’s probably not flying off the shelves but once it’s gone you will be kicking yourself for waiting too long to pull the trigger. Of course, you could always pick up […]

Slayer – Vinyl Reissues

You can finally get a reasonable price on a vinyl edition of Reign In Blood, and every other Slayer album missing from your collection. The whole discography is due for reissue – remastered from the original analog sources – and right now you can pick up a handful of choice cuts from