the spirit of the beehive – pleasure suck LP

We’ve been riding high on the warm and fuzzy vibes of this LP for a couple of weeks now, and if the lukewarm Pitchfork review caused you to neglect it, we suggest you re-evaluate. pleasure suck ticks exactly all the right boxes for us, and is bound to be in heavy rotation as the Midwest […]

Oxbow – Thin Black Duke LP

After ten years of whispers and speculation, the time has come for the genre bending genius of Oxbow to present Thin Black Duke. Fans of the more recent output from the band will see this as a clear progression of the Oxbow procession. Scatterbrain vocal delivery, melody & discord, and…brass, apparently. Pre-orders up now at […]

Whitney – Light Upon The Lake LP

Blame it on their recent ascent to the hallowed ranks of Pitchfork’s BNM –or just the fact that Whitney hit all the key Dad Rock notes which vinyl collectors love so much – but the joyous, golden-hued debut from this group seems to already be getting scarce on our favorite analog format. If this isn’t the perfect soundtrack for ringing […]

So Pitted – Neo LP

Negative noise rock is not only appropriate, but necessary. Neo starts off in the red and doesn’t drop the needle until your dreams of a pleasant spring are buried beneath a mountain of feedback, sludge and migraine inducing percussion. Pick up the white vinyl at

Guy Andrews – Our Spaces 2xLP

If you’ve been craving a bit more drama in your electronic music, look no further. The sharp ears at Houndstooth have picked up Guy Andrews for his debut LP, Our Spaces, and the music on display is shot through with vivid streaks of emotion. Guitars and waves of hardware-driven distortion run amok, making this a highly […]

Mammatus – Sparkling Waters 2xLP

Last time we checked in with Mammatus, they were laying it down pretty heavy. Well, turns out they still are, but the side long jams on the newest LP seem to have been infused with a bit of cosmic loft, perhaps to more closely align the music with the band’s moniker. In any case, fans of […]

Swans – White Light… + Love Of Life Vinyl Boxset

Swans’ onslaught of reissued albums continues with a boxset edition of 1991’s White Light from the Mouth of Infinity and 92’s Love of Life. As with everything from the Michael Gira discography: these are crucial picks for your collection. Individual vinyl editions will be made available after the boxset sells out but why would you wait for […]

Holy Sons – Fall of Man Test Pressing Giveaway

Not only is Emil Amos one of the hardest working dudes we know (see Grails, Om, Lilacs & Champagne) but he is also one of the raddest. It seems every other month, not only is he blessing your turntable with a new vinyl platter, but he is also giving away a test pressing to the […]

Circe 2xLP (by members of Sigur Rós)

There’s nothing quite like some new Sigur Rós vinyl to get collectors clutching at their pocketbooks and setting hearts aflutter with board-drama theatricality. This ain’t that, but it is new music from the entirety of Sigur Rós minus their little known frontman Jónsi and composed specifically for The Show Of Shows. You can pick up […]

Nest Egg – Respectable LP

Krautrock via North Carolina beamed straight to your current locale on the wondrous waves of modern analog recording and playback technology. Bathetic are no slouches when it comes to this sort of thing; expect endless motorik magick courtesy of Nest Egg to emanate and resonate in exceptional high-fidelity: