Kindling – Everywhere Else LP

It’s no secret. We like Kindling. Stephen Pierce, Gretchen Williams & Co. rip through twelve tracks of thick, low end pop-gaze on ‘Everywhere Else’ that is sure to satiate your need for viscous sounds. Like a well crafted New England style IPA, this bad boy is right up in your grill with notes of stonefruit […]

Kindling – Vs The Police Lathe Cut 7″ / Giveaway

Alright ladies and dudes – today, something special. Last summer, most excellent fuzz-gazers Kindling laid down their twist on ‘Hate the Police’, a hardcore punk rock favorite from The Dicks, originally released in 1980. With Gary Floyd’s permission, the song was made available digitally, with 100% of the proceeds going to a non-profit organization dedicated […]

Kindling – Galaxies 12″

Not long ago (Edit: Actually, exactly one year to the day. Crazy!), we discussed Kindling’s ‘Spike & Wave’ 7”. The Massachusetts’ fuzz unit took all the great things about that record, amplified (badum-tshhh) them x10, and are now releasing the gem that is their new ‘Galaxies’ 12” EP on No Idea. 4 huge tracks of […]

Beach House – Depression Cherry LP

Well this is it! This is the week! The week that the new album from the ever reliable dream-pop juggernaut that is Beach House hits record stores shelves. So tomorrow, Tuesday, march to your local record store, plunk your $20 on the counter, and listen to the clerk try to explain to you for the […]

Novella – Land LP+7″

Novella wield a sound that is very much melded of their influences. We could start naming names, but this is a pointless exercise within a music publication that trades glossy pages for embedded play buttons. Besides, you can read all about that type of stuff while you are placing your order at

White Walls – Afterthoughts In Limbo 2xLP

Melbourne Australia’s White Walls are dropping some heat on their new 2xLP “Afterthoughts In Limbo.” Released on the bands own Pet Moth Records, the record features 16 tracks of pop hooks that slam right up against a sense ennui. Thick raging duel guitar action (apparently they don’t have a bass player, if you can believe […]

Hollow Sunshine – Bring Gold LP

Reuben Sawyer. You may not be familiar with his name, but you’ve likely seen his art adorning records and merch for Chelsea Wolfe, Deafhaven, etc. Hollow Sunshine is his brain child and their new record is ready for pre-order from Iron Pier. “Bring Gold” is easily the best one yet from the illustrator-guitarist-drummer-singer & co. […]

King Woman – Doubt LP

The Flenser has been on a roll lately. One of their newest releases is from King Woman, which is the newest project of Kristina Esfandiari of Whirr fame. Fans of said band will instantly relate, but for those unfamiliar with Whirr, prepare for some gauzy slow motion vocal lamentation accented by walls of guitars and […]

Jefre Cantu–Ledesma – A Year With 13 Moons LP

‘A Year With 13 Moons’ is the new distorted and pulsing offering from Cantu-Ledesma. This new slab is pure unadulterated memory energy that was recorded at the Headlands Center for the Arts in San Francisco while in residence. The 16 tracks utilize guitars, synths, and drum machines to render the fuzzed out romanticized bliss that […]

Casual Strangers – S/T LP

Imagine you are stranded somewhere, on an island perhaps, or maybe in the desert. The sun (or maybe drugs) has baked your brain and the mirages begin to seem more life-like than ever. The self titled LP by Austin’s Causal Strangers pretty much sums up this scenario, but without the physical and mental degradation usual […]