Tape Tuesday: Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

Fans of samurai films, kabuki theatre and sound design take note. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides is releasing two full length recordings on two separate UK labels simultaneously: ‘Aulos’ Second Reed’ and ‘Oh Sylvia’ on the always excellent Tombed Visions and the fantastically minimal Sacred Tapes respectively. All told, you have over an […]

Popol Vuh – Nosferatu The Vampyre 2xLP

For those of you who don’t wake and sleep according to the release schedule of colored vinyl soundtrack reissues, you may have missed this one: Waxwork Records have conjured up an official version of Popol Vuh’s masterful scoring of Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu The Vampyre. We managed to score a copy at Mondocon, and can attest to the quality […]

Birdman – OST 2xLP

Did you see Birdman last year? You better have. It was fantastic, and equally so is the music in it…which is officially getting the wax treatment from Milan Records. Much of the film is peppered with the solo jazz drumming of Antonio Sanchez, which is adept at carrying the scenes along in a way you […]

Hohokum OST LP

So, Hohokum is a super rich and dreamy independent video game released earlier this year. If you have a PS4 and for some reason aren’t playing it, you need to go and rectify that before reading any further. If/once you have done so, you should then head on over the Ghostly International and pick up […]