Blind Idiot God – Before Ever After 2xLP

Once in a while, a band will come along and make a record that will appeal to a wide spectrum of listeners. ‘Before Ever After,’ the band’s first full length in over 2 decades (and first to feature Tim Wyskida of Khanate fame), is one of those recordings…and for our money, it’s the best Blind […]

Dirty Beaches “Badlands” LP Preorder

I first learned about Dirty Beaches through a couple of releases on Iowa’s Night People label, and it’s not surprising at all that they’re getting bigger by the day.  Alex Zhang Hungtai, the sole performer here, plays some of the most droned-out, damaged beach music and doo-wop you’ll ever hear.  It’s a crazy combination of […]

15% Off Storewide @ Insound

Does what it says on the tin. Insound has tons of records, you have lots of empty shelf space. If you don’t, then you need to buy some new shelves and place an order at Insound where the entire store is 15% off for an entire week using coupon code “swjune15” –

Omar Khorshid – “Guitar El Chark (Guitar of the Orient)” 2xLP

Sublime Frequencies are just great at what they do – pulling criminally under-appreciated international musicians out of obscurity (at least here) and introducing them to the world.  After treating us to the genius of folks like Omar Souleyman and Group Doueh, their newest release is from the late Egyptian guitar legend Omar Khorshid.  “Guitar El […]

Pixies – “Minotaur” Box Set Details Announced

Its a good thing they made an announcement for this pre-order two months in advance since you might have to save a few paychecks to pay for this $450 BOX SET. While it does sound pretty cool, does that really justify that kind of price-tag? For the hardcore Pixies fans out there (I used to […]

Man Or Astro-man? LP Reissues

This is the happiest post I’ve ever written on this site.  Touch and Go has finally started to reissue vinyl from one of my favorite bands ever, Man Or Astro-Man?  Both “Experiment Zero” and “Eeviac” are now available on LP, I guess I can finally stop scouring eBay for this space/surf perfection.  These should hit […]