Tape Tuesday: Hainbach – The Evening Hopefuls

Spring Break Tapes just dropped some new ones on us, one of which being a killer new release from Hainbach, which is the experimental electronic solo project of German composer Stefan Paul Goetsch. An interesting thing of note: Hainbach regularly employs the use of some really interesting voltage controlled devices from the likes of Ciat […]

Tape Tuesday: Michael Flora – Xi

Minneapolis-based artist Michael Flora (of Nada label fame) has a new tape out on the relatively new Sympathy Limited label. Both of which are something you are going to want to check out if avant garde music is your cup ‘o tea. ‘Xi’ is nine movements of fractured tone bursts and granular synthesis ranging from […]

Venetian Snares – Traditional Synthesizer Music 2xLP

Canadian beat mangler Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares is returning to the roots with his new release ‘Traditional Synthesizer Music.’ It is exactly was you might expect from the title – 12 tracks of modular synth insanity in typical VS fashion. All the tracks were created in real time, with no over-dubs, and then unpatched […]

Zombi – Shape Shift 2xLP

Hey kids! Steve Moore and Anthony Paterra are back as Zombi, and the new album Shape Shift is imminent. As usual, the most limited editions are being snatched up fast over at relapse.com. You can also pick this up over at Zombi’s bandcamp.com page.

Alessandro Cortini – Risveglio 2xLP

There has been no shortage of Alessandro Cortini vinyl in the last couple of years, but the newest LP from the synth sadist may even eclipse last year’s sublime Sonno. Once again released via Hospital Productions, the new album Risveglio is available right now from forcedexposure.com, amazon.com, boomkat.com, redeyerecords.co.uk or your local record store.

Tape Tuesday: The Snowfields – How To Get Good Sound From A Dead Ear

Ever find yourself jamming some old Pink Floyd records and think to yourself “I wish this weirdy synthy interlude thing would just go on forever”? Well, The Snowfields are going to help you out with that. Their new tape on Field Hymns offers up two sides of meditative movements that build and build and build […]

Tape Tuesday: Phinery May Batch

Phinery, a relatively new tape label out of Denmark, has got a new selection up for you to play and then rewind and then play again. Everything from glitchy crackle to modular wizardy to cut up collage work. It looks like the full batch isn’t up yet, but there are batch order options that begin […]

Mountains – You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 11 7″

Who hath said that singles art dead?! Dearest internet citizens, hark! For thither is a new Mountains record! And this time its a small one. That’s right, a new 7″ is now available from the fine purveyors at Geographic North as part of their ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever’ series. Two movements of lush […]

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek – Whorls LP

‘Whorls’ is the third collaboration between Tim Catlin and Machinefabriek (aka Rutger Zuydervelt) on the very excellent UK label Low Point. This new LP finds the duo expanding their sonic palettes and creating what is easily the most engaging record of all their get-togethers. Strings are bowed and guitars swell, while electronics chirp away, juxtaposing […]

Sungod – Sungod LP

Holodeck won’t quit. Their newest release, a self titled slab from Austin’s Sungod, is a super rad Americana-Krautrock sandwich that folds space-time and allows dusty slide-guitar work to meld seamlessly with arpeggiated synth explorations that should get all the beardos and long-hairs riled up. Fire up the lasers and get on with the show! Available […]