Tape Tuesday: Aught

Not really sure where Aught came from. Not really sure it matters either. What is plain to see though, is that they came out of nowhere and are producing some excellent jams ranging from minimal techno to woozy dub. The packaging, as you can see and hear, aligns itself with the music in the best […]

Tape Tuesday: Krust – The Pleiadian Adventure CS

Krust, aka DJ Krust, aka an integral figure in the Bristol Reprazent collective, seems to have an hour and a half long mixtape available for purchase. Not a fan of tapes? That’s fine, there is only 100 of these to go around anyway… bedouin.bigcartel.com.

Tape Tuesday: Ardour Loom ‘Demo’ Cassette

We haven’t checked in with Parasitic Records for awhile… no time like the present – especially since they just put up this new tape from Ardour Loom. If that new Agalloch went too deep into the woods for you, then do well to check this one out. The band keeps things distinctly black, and yes – you might […]

Tape Tuesday: ATM ‘Xerox’ Cassette

We’ve had a flirting fascination with the 1080p tape label, and this newest 43 minute cassette aims straight for our throbbing, deep-house loving hearts. An email collaboration between Perfume Advert and M/M – now available for 7 Canadian dollars at 1080pcollection.com. "Xerox" by ATM

Tape Tuesday: Alraune – s/t EP

Scuzzy black metal just seems to fit the cassette tape format so perfectly. Graceless Recordings, quickly becoming one of our favorite cassette labels, offers up this two track blast of misanthropy from Alraune – a little taste of their full length LP (out on vinyl soon via Gilead Media). Pick it up at gracelessrecordings.bigcartel.com. Self-titled EP by ALRAUNE

Akatharsia – Demo CS

A little late for Tape Tuesday, but the Ash Borer lads are hitting the road in a few days and if you want a copy of either of the newest Psychic Violence releases, the time for action is now. Akatharsia features past and present members of all your favorite cliques from the PV stable. Stream it […]

Tape Tuesday: Fluisteraars – Dromers

Updated 05/28/2014: Well, it’s only Tuesday for ‘Mericans but this update is actually regarding the vinyl edition of this fantastic album, now being distributed in small quantity by ominous-domain.com. Only 300 copies total, 9 of which are currently looking for new homes. It’s still snowing in Minneapolis, so we are still listening to black metal […]

Tape Tuesday: James Conduit – Two Lines Thick

Here’s some late-breaking Tape Tuesday action in the form of 30 minutes of magnetic tape spooling out some heavy techno basement vibes. James Conduit is certainly on to something here, and the visual presentation from Geographic North is on point. Pick up a copy for $5 at geographic-north.com.

Tape Tuesday: Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir) – Athenaeum of Unedited, Superannuated, Incomplete, Unreleased, Intimate Works, 2011​-​2013

Mister Hobo Cubes hisself, via his Hobo Cult label, has released this cassette edition from Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir), the title of which I will not repeat as you can see it in the title of this post and it is excessively long, presumably by design. What’s important here, is that you are being given the […]

Woodsman LP

Woodsman serves up a heady platter of psychedelic, electric wooze via their new self-titled LP, available on vintage black or gel-tab orange vinyl. Or hey, how about a cassette to jam in your van? Digital to analog, you can get complete aural coverage in exchange for your hard-earned pennies over at woodsmanman.bandcamp.com.