Tape Tuesday: Tiger Village – V

Tim Thornton aka Tiger Village is killing here here on ‘V’ (the fifth tape in a series of his). Synths, samplers, tape loops and drum machines all collide to generate some absolutely whacked out elctronic…I mean, tech..actually wait, or…man, I don’t know whats going on here but its totally hypnotic and gaze widening. It’s something […]

Tape Tuesday: Persona Mercure – La Marche, Le Discours, Le Souper

This rad new tape, released on Hobo Cult, is best described as haunted chamber music. Taking center stage here is bowed double bass that swells and pulses while electronic components creak and chirp in accompaniment, making up for a lack of brass or percussive elements typically found in orchestral movements. It’s slow, plodding (but my […]

Tape Tuesday: Aging – Troubles? I Got A Bartender

Lets talk about Tombed Visions for a second. The releases on this rad UK label have been flying under all the radars we’re aware of..but we’re going to change that. Not 100% on exactly when this tape from Aging was actually released, but what matters is that it seems to be available and this is […]

Tape Tuesday: Digitalis

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock—or on Neptune—there is a new batch of tapes from the one and only Digitalis. When he’s not producing mind bending instrumentals as Charlatan, Brad Rose is slinging some of the best experimental/left-field music that exists. These new ones from Sound Out Light, wzrdryAV, Benjamin Finger and […]

Tape Tuesday: Field Hymns

The fact of the matter is: Field Hymns already has, hands down, the best RIYL descriptions one could ask for. Never the less, we’ll bite. This newest batch includes work from Sad Horse (limited to 100 copies), Portopia ’81 and Conrade Wedde (limited to 75 copies each) and it pretty much covers everything you need […]

Tape Tuesday: Sunshine Ltd.

Two new tapes from Florida’s Sunshine Ltd. are available. This time around both releases are from Brooklyn based artists Billy Gomberg and the duo of Taylor Burton & Andy C. Jenkins. Gomberg provides some glacial drones and the Burton/Jenkins duo get ritualistic with some manipulated gamelan explorations. Both tapes have arrived just in time for […]

Tape Tuesday: M. Sage – Data In The Details

Between operating his label Patient Sounds and turning out some of the best minimal ambient works of the year, Matt Sage has had a great year. Lucky for all of us he can’t and won’t stop. His newest tape on Geographic North is a rad addition to an already stellar catalog. In some ways slightly […]

Tape Tuesday: Bus Gas – Snake Hymns

The new Bus Gas tape is out today on Spring Break Tapes. ‘Snake Hymns’ is a far out trip on magnetic tape accompanied by delayed guitars and booming aquatic synth work. It’s a testament to the trio’s skill that a recording such as this can be as haunting as it it alluring. Like fireflies in […]

Tape Tuesday: Space Afrika – Above the Concrete​ / ​Below the Concrete

Where To Now has been dropping some rad tapes as of late and this infectious Space Afrika one is no exception. Ghostly vocals, mechanical field recordings, drippy beats and hazy steam permeate the industrial venue on Above/Below The Concrete. Limited to 50 copies, so don’t sleep…or at least grab this and THEN drift off. Space […]

Tape Tuesday: Tranquility Tapes

Tranquility Tapes has dropped an aesthetically pleasing fall batch on us from Charles Barabé, cloudsound, Cenote Glow, Bluesharp and Tuluum Shimmering. The curation of this label is always top notch and with these tapes you get it all: jangly guitars, vaporous drones, burning synths and tropical winds. All tapes, as always, feature amazing art and […]