Tape Tuesday: Olli Aarni – Muovia

Finland’s own Olli Aarni is back with a new tape on the always excellent and top notch Australian imprint Preservation. ‘Muovia’ (which translates to ‘plastic’) features two side length movements of Aarni’s whispy trademark treatments of plundered goodness inspired by the lazy river vibes found on dusty New Age tapes and records. All this, and […]

Tape Tuesday: Quartz Safari – Syzygy

Quartz Safari put out one of the best ambient tapes of 2013. Now, the Olso/New Jersey duo has dropped a new tape on Ginjoha out of Japan that further explores their trademark cosmic atmospherics while expanding their sonic palette with, wait for it, time signatures. Drum loops and grooves in the vein of a more […]

Tape Tuesday: Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

Fans of samurai films, kabuki theatre and sound design take note. Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides is releasing two full length recordings on two separate UK labels simultaneously: ‘Aulos’ Second Reed’ and ‘Oh Sylvia’ on the always excellent Tombed Visions and the fantastically minimal Sacred Tapes respectively. All told, you have over an […]

Tape Tuesday: Adam Basanta – A Room Listening To Itself

Usually when you think of feedback, gnarly sounds from amplifiers on a stage come to mind..but Canadian artist Adam Basanta has a more controlled take on the phenomenon. Much like the early electroacoustic recordings of the 60s, ‘A Room Listening To Itself’ is based on the feedback of microphones and speakers..but with the modern twist […]

Tape Tuesday: Benoit Pioulard – Stanza I & II

In keeping with the ‘cooling off’ theme from last week, lets talk about Benoit Pioulard (aka Thomas Meluch) and his ‘Stanza I & II’ tape out on BARO/Beacon Sound. The tape, as the title suggests, combines both Stanza releases onto one release. 12 tracks of crunchy, crinkly tape drones of the highest order in a […]

Tape Tuesday: Erik Maluchnik – Inflorescences

Hey, Tape Tuesday! Remember that? Took a little bit of a break on it, but we’re back in the saddle to talk about this new tape out by Erik Maluchnik, ‘Inflorescences’, on Northern Ashram out of Detroit in an edition of 100 copies. It’s starting to get frosty in some parts of the world, and […]

Tape Tuesday: crx091081gb – becoming the camracid

Pea Green tape lovers, this is not your day. This lovely cassette edition, once available in Pea Green OR Sky Blue is now available in Sky Blue only. You blew it. Now you will have to resign yourself to listening to this Belfast acid on Sky Blue tape only. These lovely electronic tones come packaged in […]

Co La – No No LP

While you slept, your computer manufactured some synthetic designer-drug software and executed a few times. When you woke up and had to reboot, the startup chime had been replaced with the new Co La album. Or you could have just picked it up on vinyl from softwarelabel.net and/or cassette tape from 1080pcollection.bandcamp.com. Serious software jams from Software.

Tape Tuesday: Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Robert Lippok — Timeline

Geographic North, in their non stop efforts to release some of the finest experimental music that exists, have dropped “Timeline” on us in our hour of need. The Osborne-Lanthier/Lippok duo’s work is a minimal affair of misty textures hovering around electric charges that dance on air to the beat of a broken drum. It pulses […]

Tape Tuesday: Astral Spirits — Batch 6

There aren’t a whole bunch of tape labels (that we know of) out there that are focusing primarily on free jazz, but there is one that does it quite well and that would be Astral Spirits (which is a division of Monofonus Press.) Their newest batch contains works from Kid Millions & Jim Sauter, Taco […]