Romans – Valere Aude 2×12″

Another stellar Bandcamp based electronic label, and featuring domestic fares for those of you who lose half of your wages to currency converted shipping costs: The Bunker New York. They have plenty of 12″s to browse through as well but we are lusting after this double-pack vinyl edition containing seven tracks off the recent album from […]

nthng – It Never Ends 3xLP

You could do a lot worse than spending your entire paycheck at Lobster Theremin’s Bandcamp page today. Go on in and dig through the virtual crates yourself, but if you want a starting point we will point you at this 3xLP from nthng: It Never Ends by nthng

Pessimist – Pagans EP 12″

At the time of this posting there appears to be only 5 of these left on the Osiris Music Bandcamp. Look alive, mates! Four tracks of dark, percussive techno: Pessimist – Pagans EP – Pre Order by Pessimist

Jay Daniels – Broken Knowz 2xLP

Don’t mind us, we will be sweeping up and picking through the remnants of 2016 for a bit. Broken Knowz came out at the tail-end, and seems to have been unfairly passed over during the end AOTY-circle-jerk. Jay Daniel presents an expertly distilled LP of perfectly nuanced Detroit sounds. Those drums! Still plenty of copies […]

Throwing Snow – Embers 2xLP

The Houndstooth label starts the new year off strong with a brand new 2xLP from Throwing Snow. As with most albums on the label, Embers presents itself as a journey, not just a thrown together collection of club cuts. You might think otherwise when you hear the WUBWUBWUB in the opening segments, but give it […]

Oloo DB – Central Line 12″ EP

Unless you like your techno deeply hypnotic and awash in lovely ambient tones, then I suggest you look elsewhere for your techno: Good day! Central Line EP by Oloo DB

Guy Andrews – Our Spaces 2xLP

If you’ve been craving a bit more drama in your electronic music, look no further. The sharp ears at Houndstooth have picked up Guy Andrews for his debut LP, Our Spaces, and the music on display is shot through with vivid streaks of emotion. Guitars and waves of hardware-driven distortion run amok, making this a highly […]

Skee Mask – Shred 2xLP

The first great techno release of the year has arrived on none other than the excellent Ilian Tapes label (run by the Zenker Brothers). Skee Mask rolls out some choice breakbeat driven cuts on Shred and the album format suits him well, allowing for plenty of moody exploration and even a few ambient pieces. Haven’t seen […]

Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten 3×12″

Another slept on release from 2015, which was utterly sold out by the time year end lists started pouring in. Stephan Bodzin’s Powers of Ten is a rollercoaster of emotion and melody, and may induce pangs of MDMA-fueled nostalgia for those of us who have done time in dirty basements listening to Trance go mainstream. […]

Acronym – June 2xLP

At long last, 2015’s finest and least attainable techno release looks to be receiving some sort of repress. This 2xLP from Acronym starts off all opulent ambience before descending slowly into exquisite and pulsing techno on the second half. Snatch it up before it disappears again; pre-orders are currently up at June by Acronym