Melvins – Bride Of Crankenstein 10″ + Night Goat 7″

Hold on to your butts. Buzzo and Dale have assembled yet another incarnation of the band (this time with two members of the Butthole Surfers) and proceed to rip through a whole new set of thick syrupy goodness, in typical absurdist Melvins fashion of course. You get everything from songs about crank to vocoded vocals […]

Al Cisneros – Ark Procession ⁄ Jericho 10″

Al Cisneros adds a 10″ to his solo dub discography. This one comes to us on the venerated Drag City label and is every bit as dark and dank as you would expect from the Weedian elder. Pick up a copy at and set your bass controls at 6 o’ clock.

Radioactive Vomit – Witchblood 10″

Previously available on cassette, Abominate Records breath new life into the blackened, festering corpse of Radioactive Vomit’s Witchblood, now reanimated as a 10″ EP. You can get this on black or green vinyl, and you should. $11 at