Berk Offset – Die Riemannsche Vermutung 12″

Not really sure what’s going on here. There has a been some really great and really wonky techno records coming out this year, and this one is no exception. ‘Die Riemannsche Vermutung’ is a monster of minimal techno slinking and shuffling around a party with a limited range of motion…and may or may not have […]

Posh Isolation: White Void 12″ & Puce Mary LP

Posh Isolation are trading tapes for nudes. No joke. If sending full frontals to strangers does not fall within your realm of comfort, then you can also just buy some things (using cold, hard cash) on their website: And if you are currently sizzling in the North American summer heatwave, then you can pick up copies […]

Voices From The Lake – Velo di Maya 12″ EP

A new three track EP from Voices From The Lake, based on a night of music prepared for Public Assembly in New York. There aren’t many producers as consistent as Donato Dozzy these days; our recommendation: pick it up immediately. Available from

Millie & Andrea – Drop the Vowels 2×12″

Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker (of Demdike Stare and, predictably, Miles) finally drop a full length album as Millie & Andrea. While not a true, proper collaboration (each artists records tracks separately), the styles blend seamlessly together as a cohesive whole, and that cohesive whole will rip a whole through your sub-woofer if not properly […]

Hooded Menace – Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze 12″

Updated 03/01/2014: Now available from The Hooded Menace returns with a two-track attack on 12 inches from Doomentia. Limited edition purple vinyl is still available, but we let ya’ll sleep on the t-shirt/orange vinyl combo. Sorry fellas. Nab some audial horror from

Ranger – Knights Of Darkness 12″

Ranger is metal of the highest, skull-splitting-est caliber. A second pressing of this understandably celebrated EP is finally available. You can find it stateside at for now or direct from the label

Donato Dozzy & Nuel – The Aquaplano Session 2×12″

Personally, we don’t need much convincing beyond seeing Donato Dozzy’s name on a Spectrum Spools record label, but if you aren’t so easily persuaded – consider that these extremely limited 12″s have been fetching exorbitant prices on Discogs and this new 2×12″ edition has been remastered by the remastering master himself: Rashad Becker. Absolutely guaranteed […]

Power Trip – The Armageddon Blues Sessions 12″

The long out-of-print Armageddon Blues 7″ from heavy-metal darlings Power Trip is born again as a single-side 12″; this time featuring all the songs from the sessions that yielded that EP. There are still two different vinyl colors available but you missed out on that “weed green / purp drank” shit, my man. Consolation prizes […]

Actress – Ghettoville 5×12″ Boxset

Actress returns with Ghettoville, the direct successor to his debut, Hazyville. What’s more: you can now buy both albums on vinyl in an extravagant 5×12″ boxset. Big news for longtime fans, as a vinyl edition of Hazyville has been nowhere to be found until this dropped. And that new album? None too shabby, stream it […]

The Field – Cupid’s Head / The Gas Remixes 12″

Wolfgang Voigt remixes the title track from The Field’s recent and stellar album, Cupid’s Head. Remix EPs don’t generally get us hot and bothered over here but this is Gas we are talking about, so act accordingly. This is limited to 300 and currently available from