TM404 – Acidub 2×12″

May 2nd will see the return of one of OMGV’s favorite, stripped-back techno projects in the form of the second 2×12″ from TM404 aka Andreas Tilliander jamming out on a very limited set of hardware. Acidub is more lush and analog sound for your living room hi-fi and/or weirdo club night of your choosing; pick it […]

Khanate – Self Titled/Things Viral+ 2xLP

For the uninitiated, Khanate (now defunct) was the experimental O’Malley/Plotkin/Wyskida/Dubin doom quartet that breathed a new light (or swallowed it, depending on how you see things) into the heavy scene back in 2001. For years now, both ‘Things Viral’ (their best, in our humble opinion) and ‘Khanate’ have been out of press, but Hydra Head […]

Kangding Ray – Cory Arcane 2xLP

High-fidelity electronic music is a joy to playback on vinyl. The raster-noton label certainly has such in abundance, but Kangding Ray sets the bar for clinical execution, even amongst his peers. The new album is Cory Arcane, and is available as a 2xLP on pre-order from

Regis – Manbait 2×12″

Much to the chagrin of the besotted oaf quoted on the hype sticker, Blackest Ever Black has recently compiled an armful of Regis’ imperial techno productions for their label. The vinyl edition leaves off a few remixes, but still stands strong at two killer tracks per side. I recently walked into a real-life literal record […]

Dawn Of Midi – Dysnomia 2xLP

Dysnomia was released in 2013 but was missing a vinyl pressing until recently, and what an album in need of a vinyl pressing – seeing as how it somehow locates and meticulously plots a non-existent intersection between the freeways of jazz, techno and acoustic music. Courtesy of Erased Tapes, who only trade in high-quality, high-fidelity vinyl – you can […]

Oscar Mulero – Muscle and Mind 2×12″

Oscar Mulero presents Autechre-like textures built into banging beat structures and shot through with moments of drifting ambience. So yeah, that’s awesome. As will happen sometimes, the vinyl presents only eight of the dozen album tracks, but – in our humble opinion, it’s actually a much tougher and leaner set (the techno gods forbid that any album […]