Tape Tuesday: Nightbringer – Terra Damnata

Normally, we’d probably just mention all the rad vinyl they guys are doing, but we think this might be one of the only proper Nightbringer releases made available on cassette in recent memory (not including reissues.) Whatever, either way, a slew of different options are available for the blistering Terra Damnata from Seasons Of Mist. […]

The Ominous Circle – Appalling Ascension 2xLP

The curation prowess of the taste-makers at 20 Buck Spin was well justified by many a top ten list in 2016, and it looks like that trend will continue on into the nuclear dawn of 2017. The Ominous Circle keep it anonymous and filthy on their debut, just like you kids like it. Stream the […]

Jay Daniels – Broken Knowz 2xLP

Don’t mind us, we will be sweeping up and picking through the remnants of 2016 for a bit. Broken Knowz came out at the tail-end, and seems to have been unfairly passed over during the end AOTY-circle-jerk. Jay Daniel presents an expertly distilled LP of perfectly nuanced Detroit sounds. Those drums! Still plenty of copies […]

Throwing Snow – Embers 2xLP

The Houndstooth label starts the new year off strong with a brand new 2xLP from Throwing Snow. As with most albums on the label, Embers presents itself as a journey, not just a thrown together collection of club cuts. You might think otherwise when you hear the WUBWUBWUB in the opening segments, but give it […]

Huerco S. – For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) 2xLP

Huerco S. switches modes and releases one of the best ambient records of recent memory. Nine tracks of residual dance-floor melody roll out of the speakers, collect in the corners, and send tendrils up the walls. Enjoy in solitude and silence, or with a group of friends shuffling out of consciousness. Pre-orders are live from redeyerecords.co.uk. […]

A Sagittariun – Elasticity 2xLP

We will end the workweek on a whimsical note, and point you, our beleaguered reader, toward this electronic gem from A Sagittariun: the new 2xLP Elasticity. The theme is dreaming – the record is divided by vocal snippets dealing with such – and the soundscapes between them yield layers of technicolor beauty with repeated listens. This is an album proper, not just a collection of tracks […]

Wolves In The Throne Room – Diadem Of 12 Stars 2xLP

Long since out of print, Wolves In The Throne Room are bringing back their Diadem Of 12 Stars vinyl edition in remastered form. This edition celebrates the 10 year anniversary of the record and is available on Cascadian-approved “green mist” vinyl limited to 1000 units (black vinyl is also available). Shop now at shop.wittr.com.

Kettel – Wingtip 2xLP

They don’t make ’em like they used to, and even when they try, they come up pretty damn short. But let me get off of that “get off of my lawn kick” and point you towards the new album from Kettel: Wingtip; in which you will find all the squelchy acidic goodness and pastoral melodies you remember […]

Dorisburg – Irrbloss 2xLP

Killer rhythms and glossy melodies from the Dorisburg project. This “double EP” plays straight through like a proper album, and while you could accuse it of not having enough firepower to fill up the dancefloor, it’s bound to keep your living room bumping. Grab a copy from redeyerecords.co.uk. Irrbloss by Dorisburg

Ital Tek – Hollowed 2xLP

For your dark techno fix this month, look no further: Ital Tek has dropped his fifth album, and it’s his best work to date. Although more straightforward than some of the more obtuse electronic offerings this year (ahem… Roly Porter), Hollowed reveals layers and depth upon repeated listening, and still retains enough pulsating sub-frequencies and percussive chug to […]