Novella – Land LP+7″

Novella wield a sound that is very much melded of their influences. We could start naming names, but this is a pointless exercise within a music publication that trades glossy pages for embedded play buttons. Besides, you can read all about that type of stuff while you are placing your order at

Great Falls/Thou – Split 7″

Great Falls, Thou and Shellac walk into a bar…and the punch line is, this new cover 7”, which does just that. Thou, who have been on a roll this past year with insane cover versions of 90’s favorites, offer up their twist on “A Prayer To God,” which takes the sadness inherent in the original […]

Mountains – You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 11 7″

Who hath said that singles art dead?! Dearest internet citizens, hark! For thither is a new Mountains record! And this time its a small one. That’s right, a new 7″ is now available from the fine purveyors at Geographic North as part of their ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever’ series. Two movements of lush […]

Kindling – Spike & Wave 7″

7”s just don’t get enough love these days! Not everyone has time for a long player. Maybe they need a jolt of something before something needs to come out of the oven, or before the significant other who hates their musical tastes/volume addiction comes home. Whatever the case may be, there is always room for […]

Melvins – Bride Of Crankenstein 10″ + Night Goat 7″

Hold on to your butts. Buzzo and Dale have assembled yet another incarnation of the band (this time with two members of the Butthole Surfers) and proceed to rip through a whole new set of thick syrupy goodness, in typical absurdist Melvins fashion of course. You get everything from songs about crank to vocoded vocals […]

Al Cisneros – Empty Tomb b/w Sepulcher Dub 7″

David V. D’Andrea, illustrator extraordinaire, is now releasing music in addition to his amazing drawings and prints via his Samaritan Press imprint. First up: dubby spirituals from Al Cisneros of OM/Sleep fame that are in line with his most recent solo material. Out-there-somewhere melodies, ghostly vocals and steady beats. The 7”s themselves have all kinds […]

Binah – A Triad Of Plagues 7″

Most of you slept on this band’s debut album from 2012: Hallucinating in Resurrecture. Maybe you can forgive yourself, but that’s an unforgivable sin for fans of teutonic death metal madness. Pick up their newest two-song offering on black or purple 7″ vinyl (is that our theme today?) at or purple vinyl. A Triad of Plagues […]

RH-13 LP and RH-14 7″

What are the chances that you actually received either of these tapes when you ordered them from the label? Pretty fucking slim. Well, now you can pick up the vinyl editions from a label that actually sends you stuff when you give them your money: RH-13 by Rhinocervs RH-14 by Rhinocervs

Popol Vuh Reissues

Updated 04/06/2014: These are all in stock at, don’t pass it up again. It makes me literally *cringe* to think that I have to spend $200 to own these Popol Vuh reissues, but it makes me *cringe* even more to think that I might miss out on them. These are limited to 500 and […]

Converge – Live at the BBC 7″

Converge vinyl is nothing to be taken lightly. If you don’t snatch it up, the collectors will, and they will mock you with Instagram photos of Expedits full of a single album on 37 different colors of vinyl. Don’t let that happen. Pick up this new live 7″ from or