Amnesia Scanner – AS 12″ EP

Perhaps you, like me, are rather convinced that our nuclear dusk is nigh. If we aren’t destroyed from the inside by our own elected leaders, then it will be the Hitlerjugend AI cyber-nymphs who burn the sky to a crisp. The proper soundtrack to annihilation is key, and you’ll want this one queued up with the needle […]

Kindling – Galaxies 12″

Not long ago (Edit: Actually, exactly one year to the day. Crazy!), we discussed Kindling’s ‘Spike & Wave’ 7”. The Massachusetts’ fuzz unit took all the great things about that record, amplified (badum-tshhh) them x10, and are now releasing the gem that is their new ‘Galaxies’ 12” EP on No Idea. 4 huge tracks of […]

Trouble Knows Me (Madlib) 12″ EP

So Sam Herring is a dope MC that occasionally moonlights as the lead singer for some band called Future Islands and Otis Jackson Jr. is some jazz cat that occasionally releases beat tapes or whatever as Madlib. Together they form Trouble Knows Me and released an EP called Trouble Knows Me which contains a track called “Trouble […]

Domenique Dumont – Comme Ça 12″ EP

That sound that you were looking for? Domenique Dumont found it for you. An inexplicable and immediate EP of eccentric electronic pop baked to perfection in the late summer sun. Pick this one up now from, or ATN020 – DOMENIQUE DUMONT – COMME ÇA by Domenique Dumont

Mountains – You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever Vol. 11 7″

Who hath said that singles art dead?! Dearest internet citizens, hark! For thither is a new Mountains record! And this time its a small one. That’s right, a new 7″ is now available from the fine purveyors at Geographic North as part of their ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever’ series. Two movements of lush […]

Wrong – Stop Giving 12″

Miami has been home to some heavy hitters in the last few years, bands such as Torche and Capsule. Now we are graced with a splinter group of the latter known as Wrong and they are bringing some heavy riffage in the vein of early Helmet and Unsane to you via Robotic Empire. This 4 […]

RH-13 LP and RH-14 7″

What are the chances that you actually received either of these tapes when you ordered them from the label? Pretty fucking slim. Well, now you can pick up the vinyl editions from a label that actually sends you stuff when you give them your money: RH-13 by Rhinocervs RH-14 by Rhinocervs

Voices From The Lake – Silent Drops 12″ EP

A much needed 2013 repress of this brilliant EP from Donato Dozzy and Neel’s Voices From The Lake project. This 12″ is disappearing fast, so pick it up soon. Like real soon:

Burial 12″

A new Burial 12″ has been announced. Despite scads of wannabes, the dude’s sound is as fresh and compelling as ever. This is, obviously, a must for your bag:

Autechre – L–Event 12″ EP

Autechre have been known to release an EP every now and then. Apparently they have so many great ideas that they won’t even all fit on a massive 4xLP box set and therefore necessitate releases such as this 26 minute sound excursion. You can pre-order right now from