Tape Tuesday: KTL Live Series

Demian Johnston and KTL (Stephen O’Malley & Peter Rehberg) are unleashing a 12(!) volume cassette edition of live KTL recordings made over the last couple of years from diverse locations all over the world such as Poland and Canada. While we don’t have any samples of audio available, we can vouch for the quality of […]

Richard Youngs – Red Alphabet In The Snow LP

The multi-instrumentalist Richard Youngs has a new record on Poland’s Preserved Sound label. Bright and glowing, ‘Red Alphabet In The Snow’ is a shower of shimmering strings of all varieties and 60’s era Cat Stevens-ish vocal acrobatics. The LP is 180g and is an edition of 250 copies. As a bonus, the first 100 copies […]

Drophead vs. Silent Land Time Machine – From Ashes Comes the Day LP

Montréal’s Eric Craven (of HRSTA fame) and Holodeck head honcho Jonathan Slade (Silent Land Time Machine) are set for a sonic struggle on ‘From Ashes Comes the Day.’ Feedback and distortion abound as classical string movements battle with blown out guitar passages for center stage. After the dust and decay of these two side length […]

Al Cisneros – Empty Tomb b/w Sepulcher Dub 7″

David V. D’Andrea, illustrator extraordinaire, is now releasing music in addition to his amazing drawings and prints via his Samaritan Press imprint. First up: dubby spirituals from Al Cisneros of OM/Sleep fame that are in line with his most recent solo material. Out-there-somewhere melodies, ghostly vocals and steady beats. The 7”s themselves have all kinds […]