Great Falls/Thou – Split 7″

Great Falls, Thou and Shellac walk into a bar…and the punch line is, this new cover 7”, which does just that. Thou, who have been on a roll this past year with insane cover versions of 90’s favorites, offer up their twist on “A Prayer To God,” which takes the sadness inherent in the original […]

Ildjarn / Hate Forest – Those Once Mighty Fallen 2LP

Misplaced recordings from both Ildjarn and Hate Forest, gathered together onto this split 2LP from Osmose Productions. Black metal fiends will be getting their knickers in a twist over this one, and we can’t blame ’em. Now available in the US from the ghouls at

Nightbringer ⁄ Dødsengel – Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno LP

An unholy union between two magnificent black metal entities, Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno pairs Colorado’s Nightbringer with Norway’s Dødsengel for a true exercise in black magic. This will cost you $20 from

Pop. 1280 / Hot Guts – Split 7″

Why am I writing up a split 7″ from 2010? I don’t know guys. I can’t even remember how this ended up in my draft pile. A better question might be: why isn’t Hot Guts the most popular band in the universe? Or: why haven’t I ever realized that they have a full length LP […]

Kevin Greenspon / Former Selves “Betrayed by the Angels / Apropos of Golden Dreams” LP

Kevin Greenspon, head honcho at Bridgetown Records, teams up with Former Selves for a magnificently cathartic split of euphoric, ambient melodies. The 10-track LP is a mere $12, and you have the option to buy a test pressing for $20. Take a listen, support the boys, drift into the weekend: