ACLU Day at Bandcamp

For those who haven’t heard, today Bandcamp is doing something that we here at OMG feel is pretty right on. The short explanation is they will donate 100% of their revenue shares from all sales made today, Friday, Feb. 3rd. So today we will, throughout the day, be posting below not only new releases and […]

Tape Tuesday: Olli Aarni – Muovia

Finland’s own Olli Aarni is back with a new tape on the always excellent and top notch Australian imprint Preservation. ‘Muovia’ (which translates to ‘plastic’) features two side length movements of Aarni’s whispy trademark treatments of plundered goodness inspired by the lazy river vibes found on dusty New Age tapes and records. All this, and […]

Jon Mueller & Duane Pitre – Inverted Torch LP

It’s encouraging to see artists creating works that require intimate listening in a time when you can effortless fly through and entire digital library with ease and never truly listen to any of it. ‘Inverted Torch’ finds Mueller (Death Blues, Volcano Choir) and Pitre (who used to skate for Alien Workshop if you can believe […]

Tape Tuesday: Sunshine Ltd.

Two new tapes from Florida’s Sunshine Ltd. are available. This time around both releases are from Brooklyn based artists Billy Gomberg and the duo of Taylor Burton & Andy C. Jenkins. Gomberg provides some glacial drones and the Burton/Jenkins duo get ritualistic with some manipulated gamelan explorations. Both tapes have arrived just in time for […]

Monster Rally “Coral” LP

Updated 02/27/2013: Finally repressed! 500 brand spankin’ new pieces on shiny black vinyl now available at Monster Rally gets giant love around here, but that should be obvious (he released a tape on our label awhile back).  Fresh from Gold Robot Records, his new “Coral” LP is sounding as awesome as anything he’s done.  […]

Tape Tuesday: Ahnnu – World Music CS

There’s a new tape on Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records / Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw, and according to history, that means it will be gone soon. Nobody brings the vibes like this record label combo, and this 40 minute deep dive into experimental rhythms and cloudy melodies is no small exception to that rule. Available right […]

“The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. III: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48” 2xLP

You really can’t beat these ultra-obscure reissues from the folks behind Sublime Frequencies (the label’s Hisham Mayet produced this one). Secret Museum III collects a whopping 24 recordings, all transferred from original 78s, of head-spinning indigenous music from around the world. Everything is incredibly raw and primitive, nothing but the straight dope. The 2xLP comes […]

ROB “Funky Rob Way” LP

If you’re deep into the reissue scene, you already know that the Analog Africa label is almost impossible to beat. Their “African Scream Contest” compilation is one of my favorites of all time. This time pulling from Ghana, they’ve unearthed “Funky Rob Way”, the stunning debut album from ROB. Long out of print and highly […]

Simon Henneman “Black Magic & Moustache” LP

This record from Simon Henneman sat in vinyl limbo for over five years, but has finally been given a proper LP release. “Black Magic & Moustache” is, quite simply, a near-perfect jazz record. Henneman plays all instruments on the record himself and fearlessly plows through every crack and crevice the experimental jazz genre has to […]

Three New Records from Thrill Jockey

This month’s batch of records from Thrill Jockey is a mix of well-traveled and completely new directions for the label. First up is “H-p1”, the latest full-length from shredders White Hills. This is, believe it or not, my favorite record from them yet. The jams here are huge and cathartic, but also have room to […]