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If you would like to hype us to a record that you think we would be interested in, contact us at [ nudemutant at gmail dot com ] or @nudemutant on Twitter. If you have records to send us for review, we are likely to oblige you. Kindly do get in touch.

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  1. Hey Mitch..this is awesome. Do you happen to know anything about a C-Clamp record I have. I think it’s a single for Saving Daylight and it has an engraving on it by a guy named Gregg Coffey. I’m just curious if it’s worth anything to anyone. I dont have a huge collection, but I do have somethings that I’d like to know the value of…. is there a good place for that online? Like some old Flaming Lips 7″ and the Silver Jon Spencer Orange vinyl…

  2. Harley, check out this place for price archives:

  3. I would just like to thank you for existing.

  4. this is my favorite website. appeals to one of my favorite things in life: great music, with great packaging, on the greatest audio formats on the planet. THANK YOU

  5. Hey,
    Great site, I check this every day right after OMG posters. I’m just getting into vinyl and bought my first turntable today but I’m not sure if the turntable isn’t working or the record is warped. Are there message boards that you can point me to that I could post a question or read other questions?

  6. Hey Brent,

    I would check out audiokarma or even vinylcollective to try and troubleshoot your problem. Do a search first, if you can’t find any relevant info, then start an account and ask some questions. Good luck!


  7. heya a heads up, the live Mars Volta promo is back available on

  8. Touch just put out BJ NIlsen’s Short Night on Vinyl! It’s on Boomkat and Forced Exposure.

  9. Thanks, Jared. I was actually just working on a writeup for that release. Will post it tonight.

  10. the james blackshaw album is finally in stock at aural. just got mine! thanks for bringing this album to my attention. ya’ll rule, keep it up.

  11. Just wanted to voice my displeasure in the “Plain Records” reissues. I purchased Sailing the Seas of Cheese and Disoc Volante, both albums I love dearly, and the sound quality was ROTTEN. I’m no expert on record pressing, but my CD copies of these sound light years better than the vinyl reissues. Hopefully they get their act together; I like the titles they’re putting out but don’t feel like wasting my money on third rate vinyl noise. Thank you, dismounting from the soapbox now

  12. Hey,
    I just found out about your site and have added you to my RSS feeds. Thrill Jockey tweeted about you, so I thought I’d check it out.

    It’s cool to find another Iowa-based blog about music (I’m in Cedar Rapids! I’m a rabid fan of vinyl as well. I talk about it quite a bit at my blog It’s Time To Play B-Sides at .

    I do a recurring article where I write about my record purchases called “B-Sides in the Bins.” I also interview artists about their projects and records in this series as well.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mike Roeder

  13. Love your site. I almost hate to share it with friends, though, because I don’t want them getting the preorder or limited releases you mention before I can get my hands on them.

  14. Aural Exploits should be avoided at all costs. I placed a $150 order with them on august 24. the $50 record ‘von’ sigur ros was totally damaged, agaetis byrjun didn’t even have vinyl in the sleeve!BUBBLE WRAP no record, and they just totally left out a cure record. Not to mention it took 38 days, a few calls and some emails to even get the package. Then i had to hound them to get any kind of refund, which i got today oct 29th AWFUL!!! I will never under any circumstance order from them again. you have been warned.

  15. Totally love the site. Thanks

  16. Cortland, the only way we can really operate without bias is to give someone the benefit of the doubt unless we’ve had issues ourselves. I know Spencer and I have literally made over 20 orders each from AE over the years, all with no problems. I don’t doubt they have wronged some people, but until I experience it myself, I have to take it with a grain of salt.

  17. Ysatis/Deupree 12″ is up on the 12k store

  18. can’t stop listening to TRUE WIDOW. got my copy today it’s beautiful. 180 grm edition 500 slowdive member
    would be on my top 5 fty but it came out ’08

  19. I have a Warlocks album (pre grateful dead) and would like to know if you would know anything about it? I have the record but not the cover and have been looking for this for about 10 years, Its the Cream Puff War album, any help would be awesome!


  20. Peter Broderick/Machinefabriek LP is up on Fang Bomb:

  21. the new paul white 12″ available from his bandcamp site:

  22. New Blacklisted 7″ pre-order, recorded in the same studio as the new LP

  23. hey!
    when you get the fourth Boris 7″ (from the
    southern lord subscription series)
    will you please post some pics/let me know?

  24. thanks! this is cool. i first saw this when searching for BELONG and saw the news of OCTOBER LANGUAGE on vinyl. it took a few more months, but now i check you out regularly.
    i was checking-out the DNT site and they have a cool drone-type lp listed that i think you may have missed:
    thanks again!

  25. new autechre vinyl preorder on WARP

  26. All over that one, Farty P.


    insound quoted from omgvinyl. don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.


    Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – Kollaps Tradixionales
    Pre-Order 2×10″+CD+Book


    scroll down a bit
    interesting vinyl 7″ for sale.. sold out now
    another 50 copies will be available at the end of the week

  29. pangaea 2×12. boomkat or juno or….eventually forced exposure?

  30. Just wanted to plug a great band and their new album coming out on Dull Knife records. Balaclavas – Roman Holiday lp tripped out dub punk. Great guys, great band.

  31. ween’s album The Pod has been repressed and is in stock at the usual suspects… Aural Exploits etc.

  32. wtf auraulexploits has the new autechre a month before release for half what i paid for preorder? $32 ???

  33. new bonnie ‘prince’ billy album and Smog live lp up for presale at

  34. I really thought you would have posted about the kick ass treatment the new Leatherface is getting over at No Idea.

    new album, two disks at 45 rpm. limited to 500 with fancy packaging. 18 bucks.

  35. Great blog has been really valuable. Just giving something back with this awesome news!

    Converge – Jane Doe LP repress with exclusive T shirt

  36. Hey guys!

    You’re probably on this one already but just in case, Trans Am has a new one coming out on 4/20. “Thing” has already been leaked and the boys deliver yet again! Check it… old-style tip-on LP jacket with inner sleeve and free MP3 download.

    Yeah man! :)

  37. just got my FE update. new demdike stare lp. ordered immediately. surprised i didn’t see it on boomkat first.

  38. new Cave 12″ ep on drag city!!

    due 5/18/10 $10 shipped

  39. you guys hip to drag city’s deal of the week thing!?

    each week a different album for $8 shipped GAHHH

  40. Two new albums available on Deathwish – Starkweather and Integrity, $12/ea for preorder.

  41. hey Mitch, this just came up on Neko Case’s Facebook, a 2xLP of Middle Cyclone on clear vinyl.

  42. BRAINBOMBS – Obey LP

    repressed by Armageddon record shop

    stupid good

  43. Black Tusk – Taste The Sin preorder is up on

  44. Narrows/Heiress split 7″ now on

  45. Just got the Sick/Tired – Highlife LP in, I’ll send one your way soon! Covers look amazing.

  46. new Autechre ep(s) in the works…

    also, let us know when that new OPN 7″ hits stateside!

  47. New Forest Family Records (collab label between GvsB and Weekly Tape Deck) release is up now for pre-order. Limited to 500 copies; this will be gone before you blink twice…
    FFR002: Gauntlet Hair 7”
    The first single on the label by Cults was a classic this sounds good too.

  48. Forgot the link, whoops:

  49. New Thou/Moloch split is up on Perpetual Motion. First 100 get a free silk screened poster. Go!


    very interesting article on new “short stories on vinyl” project out of the U.K.

    limited to 1000 pieces, released twice a year

  51. Two new singles from Mexican Summer now available for purchase through them directly.
    No Joy “No Joy” 7″
    Jacuzzi Boys “Bricks Of Coconuts” 7″

  52. Barn Owl and Eternal Tapestry on Thrill Jockey!!!


    7″ EP $8.00

    7″ EP (signed) $15.00

    Handmade Sleeves! Original soundtrack to the Major Motion Picture. Limited copies signed by director Harmony Korine.

  54. mastodon- leviathan repress up on relapse ebay store- red, gree, gold and black

  55. oh hell yes!

  56. New stuff in the Not Not Fun website, including the Zola Jesus meets LA Vampires LP.

  57. Dustin Wong of Ponytail has a great tape up at WTR CLR. Free download of the entire album as well:

  58. thieves, blessed and communion by high on fire represses on double vinyl all up at relapse

  59. hey –
    what happened to that listing for the japanese guy’s cassette?

  60. Sorry, it got messed up. Ill have it back up Monday.

  61. could be one of the rarest pieces of wax around? i’ll never know coz i live in the UK!


    the degradation of human life SPLIT LP REPRESS
    on Salmon Vinyl

  63. I don’t know how this hasn’t been featured but there is an Oneohtrix Point Never remix 7″ up for pre-order at the Editions Mego website. Limited as usual. Ships in August.

  64. I just put out an awesome record ft. members of Torche on one side… 100 copies on glow in the dark vinyl (first time I’ve ever seen it!

    Shitstorm/Conga Fury – split 7″

    Let me know if you want me to send a copy your way!

  65. Games 7″ on Hippos In Tanks. Oneohtrix Point Never and another dude.

  66. It would be great if you could post something about Graveface Records being flooded. I believe they are going to raffle off some items from some of the bands to raise money. Here is a link to the Facebook page:

  67. Integrity’s Gold VValpurgisnacht 7″s. The gold vinyl is BAND ONLY pressing ltd to 150
    this exclusive HT offer is #/30! Wax sealed• stamped• signed• numbered
    while they last, they will be available at:

  68. Ducktails ‘Live on WFMU” LP up for pre-order at the Inflated Records website.

  69. Bathetic Records is now accepting orders for their very first vinyl release by Cloudland Canyon. Preview single for their upcoming album on Holy Mountain. Great stuff and very limited.
    “Mothlight, Part 2” b/w “In The Cold” 7″

  70. i’m not interested in this but people be interested i’m sure:

    electric wizard repress

  71. slayers american albums to be released on vinyl but only as a boxset

  72. 3rd set of Converge’s On My Shield 7″ at

  73. maudlin of the Well – Part the Second 2xLP now available for preorder at Antithetic Records. 2 colors, limited to 500 total.

  74. ludicra ‘the tenant’ 2X12″ LP at throne records for pre-order

  75. ^^ sorry, ludicra not for pre-order, just for order^^

  76. ^^ oh my god, just scratch that and kill me- pre-order it is^^

  77. emeralds what happen 2xLP up for pre order at editions mego

  78. New Broadcast 7″ on the Ghost Box label…
    Broadcast and the Focus Group “Study Series 04: Familiar Shapes And Noises” 7″
    I’m quite excited about this one. It’s the forth 7″ in Ghost Box’s “Study Series” singles. If you haven’t checked out the previous three singles and you dig this type of stuff you are missing out. This label releases some great stuff…

  79. There’s a new Solo Andata LP called “Ritual” up for preorder. They released an excellent album on 12k last year and this one sounds real dark and mysterious, with strange organic sounds. “The vibration of human cancerous cells” anyone?

  80. New releases on Wagon have started popping up at u.s. distributors…check Experimedia, etc
    Two new tour singles by Emeralds and the debut LP by Colored Mushroom…
    Again…all essential for those into this sort of thing…

  81. Both of the new Emeralds 7″s are now sold out at Experimedia! I’m sure they’ll be popping up at other distributors shortly. The titles are:
    Emeralds ‘In Love/Summerdata’ 7″
    Emeralds ‘Shade/August’ 7″
    The debut self-titled LP by Colored Mushroom & The Medicine Rocks (aka John Elliott) is still available.
    Good luck!

  82. Forced Exposure has copies of the new Emeralds singles!
    Be quick…

  83. Gilead Media has a third repress of 300 each
    on 180g of mewithoutyou’s [A->B] LIFE and
    Catch For Us the Foxes on clear yellow and
    clear red vinyl respectively. For any interested.

  84. hey i was wondering if there was a website or blog like omgvinyl/omgposters for cassettes? i know you’ve featured a few but i’d like to find one strictly for tapes. thank you!

  85. New Kylesa is up for pre-order at Season of Mist. $28 shipped for the deluxe 2xlp.

  86. converge represses of no heroes, you fail me and axe to fall now available at deathwish

  87. Hey, just wanted to let you and everyone else know who missed out on it from Season of Mist like I did that Relapse is now taking pre-orders for Spiral Shadow. They have a whole mess of bundles you can order it with too. Better jump on that deluxe! They’re also doing a big tour right now so everyone should really try and see them live.

  88. Cough – Wounded Kings split looks titts! Already pre-ordered mine:

  89. Pre-order for new Electric Wizard LP “Black Masses” up on


  91. A special birthday edition Charlie Manson’s “Air” on gold vinyl (limited to 200) is available now at:

  92. hey
    do you have an intern at that job? fromwhat i understand this site is just one of your duties.
    seems like such a cool job. getting lps & cassettes
    and posting blurbs and pix and audio of them.
    and did it just get crazy the past month?
    constantly cool stuff being released: 2 lps
    by concern, the new stereolab, the noveller split…
    and thanks to you i heard of royal baths…..
    will you be needing to pass on your duties at some point?

  93. Some copies of Pete Swanson’s cassette releases have popped up at experimedia.

  94. pricey zorn vinyl edition on tzadik:

  95. The Carrier “Blind To What Is Right” pre order up on

  96. Graf Orlock “Doombox 10″+Trilogy CD VIT013 Available! The two pressings are clear (150 preorders) and Black (1350 standard press). Only $15.00, AWESOME PACKAGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Would it be possible for GEMM to become a sponsor of your site? We really like what you’re doing! Contact me! -Roger Raffee (GEMM co-founder and CEO)

  98. Great site. Some amazing records!

    Check this out…

  99. Three new releases out in a few weeks on Aguirre Records:

    Sean McCann – The Capital Lp
    Secret Colors – Lunar Lp
    Red Electric Rainbow – Dark Days Lp

    + bonus cassettes for the first 125 orders on the first two releases.

    also lots of cool vinyls & cassettes in the distribution section.

  100. The Chariot – Exclusive Yellow 7″ & Revolt T-Shirt : Good Fight Entertainment
    1 of 4 colorways exclusive to & only available from Good Fight and Merchnow! 2 unreleased tracks on side A and has an etching of their “Skull” logo on side B.

  101. Once again, Mego desires to quickly absorb all of my hard-earned monies…
    Super nice pre-orders available including:

    Akita / Gustafsson / O’Rourke ‘One Bird Two Bird’ LP

    Bee Mask ‘Canzoni dal Laboratorio del Silenzio Cosmico’

    Fabric ‘A Sort Of Radiance’ LP

    Enough, already…please release some bad shit I don’t want…

  102. Electric Wizard- ‘Black Masses’ second pressing is in stock at and

  103. great release of 2010 (on cassette): cave ll on 905 tapes. wonderful experimental electronic music and an artist to watch (listen to).

  104. new lp by banjo or freakout (1/2 of walls). wonder who’ll carry it stateside.

  105. Young Turks suck! never got my pre-ordered copy of the bullion lp. thieves!

  106. East of the Wall
    Ressentiment (12″ 2xLP) – $20
    (2010) second full-length

  107. Temporary Residence has preorders for Explosions In The Sky “Take Care, Take Care, Take Care” 2xLP.

    The 2xLP comes in a Quadruple Gatefold 36″x36″ that folds into a house and it’s only $25!!!!

  108. new andrew chalk lp.
    expensive as expected,
    but especially with postage to the u.s.

  109. Kylesa- Static Tensions repress on green vinyl is available:

  110. pre-order Come my fanatics Electric Wizard reissue

  111. lotus eaters!! Wurmwulv gets deluxe vinyl treatment!! Green already sold out!! check it peeps.

  112. Mego hitting me over the head for cash once again…
    Pre-orders are now up for new LP’s by Mist and Forma on the sub-label Spectrum Spools….
    Mego is killin’ it these days…and my wallet.

  113. WiZaRd SmOkE


    “The Speed of Smoke” – 12″ ULTRA-CLEAR vinyl LP with FULL-COLOR GATEFOLD jacket. Limited run of 250. A beauty.

  114. New Victims album sale on

    And new Deafheaven pre-order

    Both are really awesome bands!!

  115. available at forced exposure again…
    new pressing maybe, check your runout groove

  116. Motion Sickness of Time Travel/Tidal split cassette is available from Tranquility Tapes. Sold out from the website but you can find it at some of the distributors (they just released some other really good cassettes as well):

  117. hey – i haven’t seen any distros selling the swervedriver re-issues….do you know any?

  118. visit each site multiple times through out the day. thank you for all work put into each website. much appreciation

  119. Just a heads-up that the Barn Owl “From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light” LP Reissue is actually on black vinyl, even though it says white vinyl here and the pictures on the label’s web site are of the original white version.

  120. new conan/slomatics split available- only 300 on blue:

  121. hey – telebossa is pretty cool

  122. That Simon henneman record you recommended was mind blowing.
    I don’t know a lot of jazz records and would be grateful for recommendations
    Similar to that record. What style am I looking for – search term wise?
    Bohren der club of gore is close – am
    Always looking for more of that edgy twin peaks vibe.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  123. Thou/Cower Split LP and Moloch – posession LP are up for preorder @

    OMGVinyl rules!

  124. Kayo Dot – Stained Glass preorder is up now at

  125. amazing psychedelic finnish black metal finally gets vinyl treatment:

    Oranssi Pazuzu: Muukalainen puhuu

  126. Some really good tapes from WTR CLR recently (same label that has put out some Ken Seeno and Dustin Wong). A reggae type deal from Jason Urick & Cex and a pretty sweet beat one from Rick Rab.

  127. New 7″ from Keaton Henson. Pre-order is up now, along with a silkscreened poster. Should ship within a couple weeks!

  128. Terzij de Horde “A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light” 12″ is now up for preorder by Antithetic Records:

    Grouper A/A!!!!!!!!

  130. Hey!

    I’m looking for Loveless (My Bloody Valentine) on Vinyl. Know where I can find one?

  131. how about that vinyl edition of the new dimlite on now again?!?!?!

  132. Neurosis: Souls and Enemy 180 reissue from Relapse:

  133. moth/wolf cub repress!!!

  134. just heard andy scott “passed me by” really great. i thought i would have saw that here, did you post it and i just didn’t see it?

  135. new neil hamburger 7″
    very limited/pink vinyl
    buy it from the man himself!

    bottom of the page

  136. Pyramids – s/t LP finally available!

  137. <3 u guyz

  138. ʌ holy shit best tip-off ever!

  139. Hey guys,

    Just had to say that it is a constant inspiration and pleasure to visit your site, I am always guaranteed a new artist or album I have never heard of before I leave. It’s a very special gift you give.

  140. From the depths of MN, I wanted to curse you for turning me on to such a great breadth of music. I visit regularly, and will continue to do so. Go MidWest or GoHome.


  141. sending over a copy of the new FISTULA 12″ ‘Loser’.

  142. burial/four tet nova
    38 preorder copies left

  143. Kowloon Waled City/ Thou split 7″ check it out.

  144. Horseback “half blood” and Ufomammut “Oro” preorders are up

  145. Just a heads up that we will be sending you guys a copy of the Obolus Demo on 7″ to review. We just started pre oders for these here: and expect to receive these early May and will send you guys a copy then. This release can be listened/downloaded here as well:

  146. Baroness “Yellow & Green” pre orers up at Relapse records. Awesome colors, super limited.

  147. Very limited repress to ambient artist 36’s first album Hypersona. Pressed at Pallas in Germany, the right way… check it out:

  148. the green butter release is on vinyl. too bad there’s no u.s. distro for budamunky’s material.

  149. longmont potion castle 9 2xlp

  150. OM – Advaitic Songs
    Double LP

  151. Touche Amore Live On BBC Radio 1
    7″EP released!!

  152. please come back


    Original Soundtrack Recording
    lp reissue

  154. Converge
    All We Love We Leave Behind

  155. The Great Old Ones – Al Azif 2xLP Preorder is up now at Antithetic Records. French Black Metal


  157. Check out the debut LP from Norwegian drone/black metal band ALTAAR.

    More info here:

    Listen to the album here:

  158. Hello, thank you for your wonderful site that got me aware of excellent music.
    There is an American label, Inner Islands records, that I discovered I don’t remember how :
    I don’t know if you’ll find anything of what they release interesting, but I really love some of their stuff. I ordered some color LPs there and both the music and the objects are wonderful. New age, hippie wonders.
    Cheers and thanks again!

  159. a day late for tape tuesday: a new tape from jefre cantu-ledesma. it’s kinda pricey – from an overseas label.


    Cupid’s Head / The Gas Remixes
    The Field // Kompakt
    Format // 12″ ART ltd.300

  161. wondered if you guys knew about this:
    first edition sold-out at source but available here.

  162. CRUX OF AUX (Ex-Cursed / Shallow North Dakota) album available for pre-order. Released on cassette only.

    Stream full album here:

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