Contagion Releasing – 15% Off Distro Vinyl

One of the best metal distros around, Contagion Releasing, is having a mega 15% off sale on all of the vinyl in their distro. They have a ton of stuff in there that we have covered here recently, including vinyl from The Crypt, Necrovorous, Doombringer, Ataraxy, Necrowretch and pretty much every death metal record we have written about in the past several weeks. Fill up a cart at¬†¬†before Saturday, that’s when the sale ends.


3 Responses to “Contagion Releasing – 15% Off Distro Vinyl”

  1. Great distro with fast shipping have ordered here numerous times!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    We’re trying make some room for the Vastum and Stone Wings!

  3. Ordered Doombringer and Scythian for myself. Awesome sale, super excited for the Vastum LP.

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