Contest: Win A Test Pressing of the Ash Borer / Fell Voices LP

First of all, read about Gilead Media’s three new releases below.  They were kind enough to offer up a test pressing of the Ash Borer / Fell Voices split LP for one of our readers.  This one came out first on tape, but is now getting a proper 180 gram vinyl release.  It was on a ton of OMGV year-end lists, and for good reason.  It is unbelievable.  Black metal of the highest caliber.  Enter to win the test pressing by leaving a comment for this post.  Only comment once, we will be checking for duplicate entries.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, be patient, it is likely awaiting moderation.  The contest will be open for approximately 48 hours, the winner will be announced sometime Saturday morning. Huge thanks to Gilead Media for this generous giveaway!

EDIT:  Using the Random Number Generator at, the lucky number was determined to be 182.  Congratulations Nick, you’ve been emailed.  Thanks so much to everyone for entering, and thanks to Gilead Media for the opportunity!


245 Responses to “Contest: Win A Test Pressing of the Ash Borer / Fell Voices LP”

  1. have already ordered the bundle but this would be fuckin killer :)

  2. Righto.

  3. Giev!

  4. Sign me up!

  5. word

  6. I want it!!!! Having missed on the tape, i so want to make my fell voices collection bigger!

  7. I’d like to have this LP. And bunnies too!!!! :D

  8. no. 2

  9. Sweet!

  10. In!

  11. hmmm, rabbits


  13. MEmeMEmeMEme! \m/

  14. yeah

  15. Bernie Grey-ears will swallow your soul. Maisy will just watch and be apathetic.

  16. Smile upon me, oh metal gods!

  17. Want

  18. I need this in my life!

  19. A’YO!

  20. will haben! ;-)

  21. I would like to win this record!

  22. Whooooooo!

  23. Amazing stuff!

  24. Black metal? Rules just about as much as those bunnies.

  25. please pick me.

    I will listen to this record only when I am high on whiskey and salvia.

  26. Can’t wait to get all 3 of these releases!

  27. I’m definitely stoked about this! I’ll probably buy the record 3-pack anyway :D

  28. Comment.

  29. Ash Borer is keepin’ it black (is there a darker color?)

  30. Gorgeous!!

  31. I want THIS RECORD!!!!!!!

  32. Would love to win this. I have never seen such amazing packaging, an LP that comes with funny looking dogs. If I win, please be sure to poke holes in shipping container so that said dogs arrive in good working condition.

  33. great news.

  34. tøft

  35. Pressed from the ashes of 1000 innocent bunnies!

  36. oh me me please

  37. Zelenaya zona! Pick me!

  38. Love Gilead media! Looking forward to the new Krallice also!

  39. wow!

  40. never could find this tape

  41. I want it too!

  42. Can I have the record and the rabbits???

    Err… Actually just the record would be fine!

  43. Thank you.

  44. i want this….ordered both but i really want the test press


  45. Sign me up! Two of the best bands in the genre right now teaming up for a split = satanic rituals of pure joy in my apartment!

  46. Awesome, im in.

  47. Holla!

  48. IAO!!!


  50. In all seriousness, I prefer a fell voice to a moth.


  52. Me please :>

  53. test, test, test, one two three.

  54. Oshkosh!

  55. Warning: (This) Vinyl can cause Mixomatosis!

  56. -I would love to have that delicious test press in my hands.-

  57. Hootie hoo

  58. Thanks!
    and yeah…..are the rabbits part of the prize pack?

  59. Are you kidding? Nice! Thanks for chance.

  60. Gilead does no wrong!

  61. Booyacka!!

  62. hello, hello, hello

  63. yes please!

  64. What a beautiful addition to my collection this little gem would be. I would make my way home from work to find this little beauty sitting on my doorstep, and I would instantly erupt into a dance from the past and shout, “STOP! Hammer time!”

  65. This LP makes me hungry… For the blackness!

  66. Rabbits forever wrapped in the serpents coil!

  67. want

  68. Pick me

  69. thanks Gilead Media! hope i win.

  70. These bands make me smile. Gilead Media rules.

  71. Looks awesome

  72. Awesome! I really need this

  73. ok, gimme gimme gimme

  74. Yes, please…

  75. yes, please.

  76. Man, I would like one of this.

  77. If obtained, I guarantee this item will not be ploughshared.

  78. I’m in!

  79. Nice, want!

  80. I am in full support behind anything Adam does, this should be a killer.

  81. Crossing my fingers!

  82. rad!

  83. Heyyyooooo

  84. Gilead is rule.

    Nuff said.


  86. I need that tang!!! Thats my fav band juste there ! keep it up !

  87. damn, that looks sweet \m/

  88. yes, please.

  89. i’m in!

  90. adam has a really nice beard.

  91. All hail Gilead Media!

  92. do want

  93. This I would like to have.

  94. Thanks for being so stoked, everyone!
    Also, Cory’s beard is WAY better than mine! Burly!

    Unfortunately the rabbits/weird dogs have to stay. Sorry guys! They are my stress relievers, I would explode with rabbits to hang out with!

  95. Please pick me! It would be an awesome Valentine’s gift from you to me, and I would be in love with this website forever.

  96. i’ve got the cassette, would LOVE the vinyl!

  97. “Fell Voices – Untitled 180g LP”. New full-length? Can’t pass on this one.

  98. Well it is “Year of the Rabbit”…

  99. I would most certainly love to own this delicious slab of wax.

  100. Ordered.
    Two words hash oil.

  101. Me likey bouncy

  102. I’m in.

  103. Looks amazing! Well be ordering the bundle SOON!

  104. Very cool. Count me in!

  105. Nina taka tafadali !

  106. I want some Black Metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. YES!

  108. Winning post!

  109. I want. Please :)

  110. cant wait for this!

  111. awesome!

  112. Gileadmedia is so dope, go pre order their new Northless mega pack!

  113. 666!

  114. Consider this <- my entry.

  115. Awesome!

  116. Want this!

  117. Good times.

  118. Want thiss

  119. OMG VINYL!


  120. I want it!

  121. These eggs look like you laid them.

  122. Scratch that!

  123. Stuff like this makes me proud to support music.

  124. Blurp.

  125. I’m a Leo.

  126. Oh my god!

  127. There is only two things I love, and that is black metal on vinyl and bunnies, My fingers are crossed until Saturday!

  128. belginsooner

  129. Awesome.

  130. \w/

  131. hey guys, thanks again for the sweet ass contest.

  132. suhweet

  133. !!!METAL!!!

  134. count me in

  135. mmmmmmmmmmm… vinyl! Yes, please.

  136. Great looking package!

  137. …got the cassette and will most definitely be ordering the bundle from Gilead!

  138. Awesome.

  139. Posting to win an amazing record.

  140. Love Gilead, love fell voices and can’t wait for these to arrive next month in my mailbox!

  141. Are those ZOMBIE BUNNIES?

  142. Looks pretty fantastic

  143. extremely stoked on this

  144. hello

  145. Yes please

  146. As Black Metal continues to grow, the most difficult thing is to differentiate from the originators I.E. the northern Europeans that developed the stuff. Both Ash Borer and Fell Voices show that not only is USBM a legitimate voice, but that it is a breeding ground for new ideas. Or whatever.

  147. i’d like a free record regardless of what it is.. as lnong as its recommended by u guys

  148. Would love to get my hands on this record!

  149. Awesome!

  150. I love free shit

  151. West Coast BM represent.
    This is gonna be so good.

  152. Looking forward to getting this on vinyl…..excellant split.

  153. Who doesn’t love some black metal…let alone a test pressing of this awesome record?

  154. Here’s my comment!

  155. death to false

  156. Count me in!

  157. Badass!

  158. Thanks for running this promotion.

  159. I want one

  160. Yay!

  161. PICK I.

  162. Awesome, this would be way cool.

  163. would absolutely love to spin this slab of vinyl – gonna order the regular version anyway :)

  164. This would be an amazing score!

  165. looks and sounds awesome!

  166. iwantiwant.

  167. To only dream.

  168. shit!!! already loved the old stuff. this is some grim stuff. want to go in the forest, climbing on a hill and play gituar in the snow…hahahaha….need to have this. hail to gm for being such kind people.

  169. Glad to see this on vinyl, the tape is great. The Fell Voices demo cassette WILL be pressed on vinyl later this year, keep your eyes peeled!

  170. put me on the list!!!


  172. fingers crossed!

    you run a great blog here. Thanks for doing stuff like this, omgv

  173. Holy shit, excited for this record.

  174. Awwww. Fluffy bunnies are as cute as Fell Voices are awesome.

  175. Ooh Ooh!

  176. I got the shirts now gimme the vinyl!

  177. Go go gadget freebie.

  178. Here’s to hoping.

  179. Because, I will play it a lot.

  180. There should be more rabbits pictured alongside vinyl. It’s the way forward for advertising.

  181. twee-grind-metal rocks!

  182. Gilead Media Rocks!

  183. How am I not myself?

  184. Thank you for the opportunity to win this magnificent item. It feels like I’ve got two noses when I touch my nose with my fingers crossed.

  185. lucky number 181!

  186. …thanks!

  187. Greetings to Frank & Gretchen….I’ll be on your side ;-)

  188. Ash Borer / Fell Voices
    Hash Toker / Hell Vices
    Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black

  189. This is such an amazing album!

  190. OMGVinyl…OMGRabbits!!!

  191. Want!

  192. i want this! it will be mine!

  193. Actual dog wieners.

  194. Awesome. I look forward to owning this. Free or not.

  195. Awesome!

  196. booyahs!!!!!

  197. yay

  198. Awesome, like possums!

  199. Why the hell not?

  200. here we go!

  201. Metacomment!

  202. sup?

  203. It’s like, how much more black can this vinyl be? And the answer is none. None more black.

  204. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA BLACK METAL FOR LIFE or at least until i move to texas


  206. i would also like to be part of this

  207. This would be a great B-Day present for my husband!

  208. I will win this.

  209. Excellent!

  210. D’awwwwww bunnies

  211. I want this!

  212. I met Gilead by happenstance from being in the same clan in Team Fortress 2. Good dude, good label.

  213. Best. Split. Ever.

  214. It would be nice…

  215. I never win anything. – Eeyore.

  216. EIGHT! DUDE! I need to play more video games. My TF2 spy skills make kids cry now that I have the polycount pack. SIlent uncloak/kills all over the place.

  217. dude, I love this band more than I love my plumus.

  218. Posted a link at my site. All 10 people now know of this.

  219. Can not wait to receive the bundle!!!!

  220. I will buy it anyway …..but test press would be great!

  221. in grind we crust . . .

  222. Saw this on Bryan Funck’s year end list, downloaded it, looking forward to buying/winning a copy!

  223. Want!

  224. Entered. I lud Gilead Media!!!

  225. Slicker than snot

  226. Ordered, would be just the thing to turn the arrival of the pre-orders into BEST POST DAY EVER.
    Cant wait either way.

  227. cool; love this blog, thanks

  228. Love to get this.

  229. Well I’m #228…slim chance but it’d be pretty amazing to win.

    Keep up the good work, I never tend to comment on your reviews but I send people to your site by the dozens as “the best place to find awesome music without digging through tons of crap”

  230. I have commented.

  231. excited about this release!

  232. Yeah! Fell Voices are great. Saw them with Ludicra and Kowloon Walled City at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. Absolutely amazing show. Thanks Gilead! Also looking forward to your new Krallice vinyl come summer.

  233. super cool. gotta love gilead <3

  234. Consider my hat thrown into this ring.

  235. want this!

  236. me me and me!

  237. The tape is awesome. This will be a great release!

  238. bunnies!

  239. Love the bowl!

  240. Is This The Line For The New iPhone?

  241. I love gilead media and thanks OMG for all the heads up. Yay test press

  242. Well, I’ve commented.

  243. This is relavent to my interests.

  244. It’s still Saturday morning for me here in the pacific Northwest, so I hope I make it in.

  245. im in

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