Converge “On My Shield” 7″

Not sure I’ve ever been this excited about a one-sided 7″ but considering I am still blasting Axe To Fall like it came out yesterday, some new Converge is basically a must have. The packaging and artwork by Jacob Bannon looks terrific, as does the b-side etching (another thing I won’t usually get excited about). Pre-orders have gone up at Converge’s official e-store at There is a poorly ripped recording of this tune floating around YouTube, it slays.

Also up at the e-store is a version of the Jane Doe repress originally intended for the recent tour. Limited to 500 on yellow & white swirled vinyl. Look sharp.


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  1. Okay, so a version of the Jane Doe repress is available now? Any word on the other preorders that most people ordered way back when?

  2. If you don’t get your download code emailed to you just go to the Converge store at kings road and check the status of your order and it will be posted in there for you.

  3. I’d have to assume that the other Jane Doe represses are shipping around the same time. I know there was a massive holdup at the pressing stage of the project.

  4. According to Deathwish, more info on Jane Doe this week.

    I have the euro tour press of this 7″. Its pretty tasty,

  5. gonna hold out for the Deathwish version (left one).

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