Deaf Center “Owl Splinters” LP

Back with their first album in over five years, Norwegian duo Deaf Center just may find themselves atop the experimental music scene again.  To put it frankly, from what we’ve heard so far, “Owl Splinters” is seriously amazing, likely as good as anything you’ll hear all year from the dark ambient / drone community.  It was recorded in a studio, greatly improving on the fidelity of their debut.  It has also translated their aesthetic to be as modern and thought-provoking as anything their contemporaries are doing.  You can expect to see this on a lot of year-end lists, it’s that good, and should be essential listening for any fan of drone.  Lastly, this album really displays just how good the Type label is, every music fan should feel blessed that they exist (we do).  The LP comes with a bonus CD from Svarte Greiner (one-half of Deaf Center).  Europeans can buy this at Boomkat, Americans can grab one at Experimedia.


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  1. This sounds amazing! Am I losing my mind or didn’t each post normally have genre tags? I don’t normally visit the site using Internet Explorer as my browser but I am not seeing them anywhere.

  2. Yes! Purchased. Cannot wait to give this a listen.

  3. Ordered already. This is going to be one hell of a record.

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