Dungen “Ta Det Lungt” 3xLP Boxset

Wow. $70 for a 3xLP is always a dubious proposition. It depends mostly upon how much you love said band and especially, said album. Luckily this is easily one of the best feel-good psych albums of our generation… but why the exorbitant price tag? Well, it is the Holidays. And also, this is imported all the way from Dungen’s homeland. And also, according to the label release – this is the only proper analogue pressing of this amazing album as all previous versions were created using a digital master. Well fuck me sideways. If you own the 2xLP version of this album, it does sound a bit “tinny” – I’d be interested to hear a side-by-side. This is limited to 1,000 pieces and also comes with the hard-to-find 12″ EP Tyst Minut. Spend your Holiday bonus atΒ beta.forcedexposure.com or subliminalsounds.se.

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4 Responses to “Dungen “Ta Det Lungt” 3xLP Boxset”

  1. $70…?!?!!?! πŸ˜† That’s absurd. I think I just puked up some Thanksgiving turkey. *harf*

  2. yeah- dig the track but can’t be dropping that kind of wedge

  3. all current vinyl releases should be ‘proper analogue’. but i suppose it wouldn’t sell nearly as well at prices like these.

  4. This reissue is sick and it is worth every penny. The box is amazing, the vinyl well pressed and sounds fantastic, and it comes with a cool poster as well. Only 1000 pressed too. I would grab one while it is still available.

    Big ups for this tip. This is why I love this site… Thanks!

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