Emeralds “Lake Effect Snow/Science Center” & “Candy Shoppe/The Cycle Of Abuse” 7″s

Emeralds new 2xLP on eMego is finally starting to show up in mailboxes (and hopefully some US distros soon). If you’ve already spun your copy out and need even more epic synth and guitar jams, then you should get in on the chase for the forthcoming Emeralds 7″ series, featuring outtakes and alternate versions of tracks from the album – approximately 8 seven-inches total, or at least that’s the word on the street. The first two have popped up over at hansonrecords.net. They’re expensive, but it’s Emeralds – so what are you going to do?


2 Responses to “Emeralds “Lake Effect Snow/Science Center” & “Candy Shoppe/The Cycle Of Abuse” 7″s”

  1. Wooooooooo yes!! Much thanks for the heads up. Would probably missed this otherwise and be bidding stupid amounts on ebay in 4 months time.

    Candy Shoppe is really doing it for me right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUPJofuMNtE

  2. thanks for the youtube link- not too bad
    do i like it?
    do i like it enough?
    i think so

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