Eraserhead “Original Soundtrack Recording” LP

Reissuing soundtracks for cult films on vinyl is officially the new hot shit, and as more than a few of our readers have pointed out: Sacred Bones is pressing the Original Soundtrack Recording from David Lynch’s Eraserhead onto the proper format. It goes without saying that this one is essential. Pre-order now at


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  1. check this out:
    not so much a musical soundtrack, but the movie’s audio put to tape. they’ve also done this with Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, River’s Edge, and Barfly (which i believe are all still available in small quantities). it really is a whole other experience purely listening to a movie without the visual medium. even if you’ve seen them before, scenes and images remembered warp and transform in your mind, even if slightly.

  2. Great blog! Was introduced to “Eraserhead” soundtrack back in college and didn’t come to appreciate it as I do today. Thanks for the posting. And if you’ll permit me to add a shameless plug, don’t forget about your friends at to keep your vinyl dust/dirt free and sounding great.

  3. those are really cool kane

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